Thursday, March 31, 2011 @ 4:01 AM  2 stares
i wouldn't want to be anybody else..

listening to : selena gomez.. who says! ..
sgt best! ... a boost to my ke-perasanan
okay.. maybe tak best  sgt tapi dia sgt cun!
and lagu dia sgt inspiring ...

and aku nak kena beli earphone baru.. tadi kena shock! ( everyday a shock! SHOCK!)
and aku jga nak kena babysit cousin esok.. sgt la renyuh
and aku jga nak kena update upu last time before 4th April...
its all up to me now.. i have some thinking to do

teringin makan burger yg hot and juicy...
mcm citer white castle
mcm bege burger king!
mcm double cheese burger mcD
alamak.. kelaparan melanda.. bagaimana?

but i need to stay away from coke and pepsi
sbb nanti kluar simtom org tua.. hahaha
even my grandmother dont have that!
ape dier?? biarlah rahsia

eh syamimi..
satu lagi secret ...
sy keh.. maso brangan..
sy brangan sy kawan ngan ahli kumpulan beast!
hahaha.. sangat melampau.. 
tok tahu bakpo.. tok minat pon.. tapi best
sy suko yeoseob..(gapo tahu namo dio).. dio mcm doraemon.. haha

(haha ni bukan sbb bosan ya kanak2.. nk saje je gatal nak update blog)
bm saye juge tersangat lah pelik .. saye pon tidak tahu mengape!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011 @ 5:31 AM  2 stares

Currently Listening to : Mighty Mouth Ft Soya - Tok Tok!..
(on loop)

i wonder how did that big fat cute panda get up there?..
dear mr.panda .. you have got to teach me that! okay?

Being alone is not a big deal when you dont feel lonely..
in fact no one in this world is suppose to feel lonely
why?.. well people these days have boyfriends/girlfriends
if you dont.. you have your best friends and just friends friends
if you dont.. you have your family.. mother father..siblings.. grandmother..cousins
so .. if you're still lonely even with your family around.. than you should try appreciating them more.. there is seriously something wrong you..
or maybe you're just going through puberty.. that's all! hahaha
the phrase "no one understands me" doesn't really exist..
it does but its not true.. you're the one who's being unreasonable to others
you build up walls instead of bridges .. so.. snap out of it!

on the other hand.. being bored is not the same thing...
i was really bored earlier..
a friend logged off as soon as i sign in.. watever..nina.think positive..
my friend other friend used the "ni 1sen yang last" trick to get rid of me to reply my first message..
its okay.. a little hurt but .. nevermind.. positive thinking..
so i stopped contacting anyone else since everyone not in the mood to chat..
i disturb my mother exercising instead! hahaha...its fun...especially when she give her killer stare!

in other dad brought  food upstairs after midnight..(specific : fried rice + meat and others )
the temptation was soo hard to resist! .. so i ate did my mother who was exercising..
so after that i have to burn it all again so my plan to sleep early have to wait untill tomorrow!..
so i cleaned my more dust... no clothes out of place.. no dead insects or...nevermind! haha

 other than my parents.. facebook also made me smile! (haha i am seriously bored)

dalam ramai2 kat fb tu.. A,B,C dan D sahaja melayan ku di waktu sebegini! haha.. D tu abg aku la.. A tu kazen.. lagi 2 orang perticle sesat ..lagi sorang si E.. kakak kuu! mmg setiap status aku dier comment ah.. yg ni je blom lagi!.. haha..

and thats my story of boredom which engulfed my boredom away!... haha ..

p/s : rain nak datang msia!! .. tiket drpd RM158... kat F1 sepang .. after race concert!.. nk gi ke tak?
p/s 2 : haha.. bruno mars nak datang msia... iklan bukan main lagi.. padahal dah sold out! huh..
p/s 3 : .. best ke eh ps3... tak pernah aku main benda2 PS PS ni.. huhu...



Monday, March 28, 2011 @ 3:47 AM  1 stares
Mic Check! Can you hear me?...
first.. layan lagu duluu...

best kan..... first 25 seconds je.. yg len dia repeat repeat repeat!

when i look at joe... ahh peduli apa aku..
anyway bear in mind that i'm not into Jonas LA!.. i just like the song..

okeh..first ..(patutnye dah second)... nak cakap pasal Diam!
lately i've been day dreaming about my life in university.. 

until i had a dream last night 
where i saw a sunway's egyptian lion 
and theres a huge sign that read psychology ..

when i woke up.. i was puzzled..
not many university offers that course
so i showered bla bla bla .. 
then i checked online about offers at sunway university in the field of psychology
BINGO! there it is 
and i thought "this must be a sign"

so i researched about the course bla bla bla..
here it its 

first i have to take "sunway foundation" where i have to be taking fiz kim bio again
or "monash foundation" where the catch is i have to take these fancy maths.. something like addmaths

and after one of that foundation program and score a certain score in those programs.. 
only then can i take psychology.. its okay.. if i work hard i think i can manage.. 


the application form for the foundation and the hostel and everything cost almost 1 000 ringgit!
and the spot is not even assured yet!

crazy huh?.. 
when i told my mom PART 1.. 
she said "its up to you.. if you really want it"
and then i told her PART 2... her voice fade away and turned into a MEANINGFUL smile 

hahaha ..
patutnye aku ckp pasal "diam".. 
panjang lak nanti..len kali ah
anyway.. about my tittle!

when i see your face.. face.. face...(mcm lagu bruno mars) i know exactly who you are!

haha.. bukan nak perasan la.. tapi mmg terbukti sudaa
abang ku yg nombor 2 ..mmg bnyk la awek dia..
dulu kat skolah.. dia budak yg sgt pemalu.. mcm aku hihi
tapi sejak masuk U.. saham dier naik! bgos2..bngge aku jadi adik seorang abg yg ensem

so haritu dia bwk balik awek ke brp ntah.. org johow yer..
pastu aku pon dah malas nk bkenalan ngan ramai sgt awek.. aku wat tak tau je yg ni
aku observe jek ape dia buat.. ape dier ckp.. ape dier pakai

lepas tgk dier dlm jam yg pertama .. aku berkata kpd adik ku...dalam pelat kelantan..
nina : adik... mu tok raso ko gewe azim mcm style org kampung sikit ?
adik : iyo eh?.. bakpo mu kato gitu?
nina : tuh.. dio pakai tracksuit dlm rumoh.. malu laaa.. tadi pagi dio mari pon.. pakai selendang tapi tok keno ngan baju lah..pelik jah nina tgk
adik : mmg la dio pakai tracksuit kat rumoh.. sbb dio style yg pakai jeans kat luar.. 
nina : mmg la ..nina pkai jeans kat luar tok pkai tracksuit gitu kat rumoh.. tracksuit bdok skoloh rendoh... tapi ni rumoh laki.. tok leh pakai tracksuit gitu.. nampok abih satu2 aset!
adik : mmg gitu la nina oi!... ramai org gitu..
nina : ih.. tok snonoh... pastu tadi dio ckp manjo ngan azim.. mcm tok keno jgok..ckp kl tapi kampung jah bunyi..
(umpatan berterusan..sementara adik ku buat tak tau je... hahaha)

pastu time pegi kl pula.. aku telah berbual dgn kakak kesygan ku

kakak : tu gewe azim mari doh..yg tu ko yg gi rumoh hari tu
nina : ho.. hok tu mu tak raso ko gewe dio tu mcm style kampung sikit
kakak : hmm.. ok ja.. pakai pon mcm style
nina : gapo yg style nyoh! pelik jah nina tgk!
kakak : bukan style la.. tapi mcm dia try laa
(nina pon pening sudaaaaaa)
 i start to doubt myself.. maybe i was being a little to harsh judging my brother's girlfriend

TODAY! .. 
abgku telah break dgn semua awek2 nya dan pilih satu untk tie the knot!
ala ala the bachelor la konon
lalu dia komen setiap aweknya itu.. 
pasal awek yg diatas tu dia ckp
"family dia kampung sgt..bla bla bla"

BINGO! ... 
dari awal lagi.. tapi semua org wat donno jek!
len kali dengar ckp nina ya!

on the other hand : my brother's getting engaged soon! .. lets hope for the best!


Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 7:49 PM  0 stares
Heyyyyyy~! Heyyyyy~! Heyyyyyy~! .. 
(macam lagu soul sister) 

its nothing like my nightmare! which is good!

syukur allhamdulillah! ..
most of my friends got 7A's but they're still not satisfied.. 
and they are struggling with picking the right university courses
all because of one or two subjects that i didn't get!
but thats their problem!

 thank you god for saving me that trouble 
thank you god for giving me what you did..

i think god is being too nice to me.. 
every time i think of it my eyes get all teared up..
because i feel like i dont deserve such nice treatment!
thank you god! 

allah maha pemurah lagi maha penyayang.. 
maha pengasih.. maha mengetahui.
(i feel like reciting the asma ul-husna haha)

gambar latest...yesterday! haha.. sbg penyemak blog

so there are a few things i need to do now :
  • think carefully where i want to go
  • read the newspaper more often
  • consider taking arabic classes in these few months
  • decide carefully before i update my UPU for the last time
  • figure out how and where can i get a decent job 
  • why does celcom charge so much for sms..every  100 sms cause me RM10.. so expensive
  • where can i fix my phone? can it still be fixed?
  • what to buy for my mother's birthday
  • how to skim the laziness out of me
  • how to skim the fat out of me! hahaha.. i mean take care of my health laa..
  • enhance my communication skills.. yeahh!
  • how to stop day dreaming soo much.. i'm telling you.. its fun but kind of scary sometimes.. i feel like there's something wrong with me! haha

if my sister hears this i'm sure she will say something like this :

nandayo means "what are you talking about?" in japanese
haha pengaruh citer jepun tajuk gokusen.. lakonan matsumoto jun.. 
saje2 edit n upload kat cni.. kalo update kat fb kang malu kal dier.. 
contohi lah saya..saya adik yang baik! hahaha


Monday, March 21, 2011 @ 11:49 PM  0 stares

Anda boleh menyemak keputusan peperiksaan SPM 2010 melalui SMS dengan menaip SPM SEMAK dan hantar ke 15888. Setiap semakan dicaj RM 0.35. Semakan bermula jam 10.00 pagi (23 Mac 2011) hingga 11.59 malam (30 Mac 2011).
hah... x perlu call pejabat! hahaha.. wokeh...orait...

orang lain semua nerves.. tapiiiii........what about me????
x rasa sgt... huhuhu.. does this mean something? something bad? something good?
i think its because i know what ever i'll get doesn't mean anything
its too late to do anything about it now.. all i can do is pray until the result comes out...

but..whatever the result is...
its the journey afterwords that's going to decide WHAT i am in life..
no.. its not the journey..
its ME.. all about me.. its up to me to create my own future starting form the moment the result comes out..

even if i score all A's but get lazy afterward.. i wont be the successful, beautiful. (boy-magnet). confident. lady that i've been day dreaming about..
even if i didn't do so doesn't mean i cannot be that successful, beautiful. (boy-magnet). confident. lady that i've been day dreaming about..

and whatever the result is.. i'm sure god knows that i can handle it at my best in that situation

something like katy perry's firework song

maybe the reason why.. all the doors are closed.. so you could open one that leads you to the perfect role..
like a lighting bulb ..your heart will glow.. and you just gotta know.. you just gotta ignite.. the light.. and let it shineeee.. just ownnn.. the night the fourth of july....

but still... i'm afraid...
i'm afraid for the sake of my parents..
i wish i could say sorry.. i wish i could change the result just for their sake..
i know i'm far from being the genius of the family.. but what can i do about it now.. i'm so sorry..


when people ask about which school i'm from.. people would looked suprised..
maybe because i dont look smart?
when people ask about my trial.. hearing upon the answer people would say
"you must've been playing around".. but honestly.. no..i did my best..
but somehow i know i could do better but something hold me back
but its not right for me to point fingers because ..outstanding students dont blame others for their failure..
so ..i'm not going to say who made me this way..i don't blame that person at all..
i should have more self control.. i should've know how to control my feeling and wake up and strive for my success..i did.. but it just wasnt enough.. not as far as i know...
here's a wall inside of me that i didn't break...i tried but i don't know how to........

the questions "what if" played in my mind
what if i scored 5A's during upsr?
what if i get into mrsm when i was in form 1?
what if i stayed at zainab 1 for my pmr?
what if i didn't go to mrsm?
what if i was thinner?
what if i'm a genius that can get anything within moments?
what if i didnt get 4A's during upsr?
what if i didnt get to zainab1?
what if i stayed at smkb?
what if i didnt get 8A's?

the answers are terrible..
if i scored 5A during upsr i might think i'm a genius and stopped trying
if i get into mrsm when i was in form 1... i wouldnt survive
if i stayed at zainab for my pmr...i'll be a trainwreck because they're pace was too fast for me
if i didnt go to mrsm... i wouldn't know how become as confident as i am today
if i was thinner... i wouldnt appriciate my pretty face :D
if i'm a genius.. surely i would be lazy
if i didnt get 4a's during upsr.. i wouldnt be obsessed with science as i am today
if i didnt get to zainab 1.. i wouldn't be the person i am today
if i stayed at smkb.....cannot imagine!
if i didnt get 8A.. my life would be ruined.. i'll think i'm useless and give up..

so God.. 
Ya Allah Ya Tuhan ku
whatever you have in store for me, 
i'm sure its for the best and i wont regret it later!..
but please be good to my parents!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011 @ 9:57 PM  2 stares

yeahhh that right...okey aku xmarah pn...aku ngn nadia lani dah xdak papa n aku lbih syiokk kawn ja ngn dyee...kmi lani dah bek n no pentengkarn lagii...sory lah wei aku pi melenting kat ko yaa...

wokey aku hrp aku jmpak pmpuan yg mcm ko kt u nnti..hahaha....thanks for your explain,...aku xmau ang anggap aku ni menyampok urusan ang ...aku pn xmau ang anggap aku gngu ko...sekian wassalam..

adohaii. .cair la pulak membacanye.... hahaha.. eh ke dia perli ???.. lantak ah..
yang penting ....kira dah settel....xyah serabut kepala hotak aku...
baru igt nk approve.. tapi dier dah cancel friend request... takpe lah..


tengkiu syamimi kerana memberi support tepi dpn blakang!..
xdak org lain dah I nk cita.. U sorang je tahu tau!
Thank youuu...muah2... luv youuu.. rse nak hug jee... huggggggggggg

now waiting for my minho to appear! 
kalo bukan minho.. "geng smat" pon jadi lah..


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click click asal xcompom lgi my request..awt ang dgk pa kengkewn ang citeq bab aku ni...yeahh mmng btoi aku mnat ang xpi that not aku smpai tergila gila kt ang....hmmm xpe that your problem aku just nk kawan ngn ang je xpi kalo cm ni ang lyan aku xpe aku xhingin pn nk knai ang...ok wassalam


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wehh....first skali aku nk kata sorri sgt.. aku paham napa ang marah... kalo ado org wat kat aku cam aku wat ni aku pon bengang..

kwn2 aku suma cita ok2 ja pasai ang.. dont wori..aku x pnah dgq bnda buruk pun psai ang...
aku just x layan sbb rsa ang saja ja main2....aku malas ah nk memeningkan kepala aku ngan benda2 (mcm ni) spanjang cuti spm nih..

lagi satu aku kesian kat ***** sbb ang wat dia camtu.. maybe ang akan buat camtu gak kat aku.. lagipon kta nk masuk u dah.. konfem ah nnti ang jumpa ramai yg better... lagi baik.. lagi cun bla bla bla...

ni aku just nk explain cikit napa aku buat benda yg aku buat..
x best arh ada org sakit hati ngan kta kan... ? 

click reply button

what? did i just did that? nooooo
waaaaaaaaahhh... i feel like i wasnt suppose to reply like that...but what can i do.. it was sent..
waaaaaaaaaaaaaa... patut ke tak?.. nampak desprate ke?.. nampak cam takdak maruah?

tapi serius kesian .. i feel soo bad when makmal did it to me.. i didnt realize that i'm doing the same thing to another human being.. 
tapi makmal lagi teruk lah! dia add ayah aku..tapi tak add aku.. huh.. tgk kat wall penuh je duk mesej ngan pompuan... tak cun pulak tu.. panggil pengiun panda.. geli laaaaa..i miss u.. sorry la mjok eh.. ermm takpe..

so can anyone tell me what i just did? is it right? or i should've ignore that message?? 
arrrrrghhhhhhhhh.. slamat aku tak pegi amik result! kalo tak.. malu 1000 tahun tak habes...

help me!


Friday, March 18, 2011 @ 4:48 PM  3 stares
I Have to find a job
I Want to have a job
I Need to have a job
Why do i need a job
Where can i find a job
Can you give me a job
Am I good enough for a job
Will anyone take me for a job
What does it take to have a job
It is that necessary to have a job

but the most important thing is 
How do i get to my workplace if i have a job

easy.. i can work with my brother..
but the pay is 1 ringgit every 3 day.. in a month i'll have only RM10
thats a scam!
my brother is not that cruel! is based on the things i get to sell
i took me 3 days to sell a few snsd keypad.. and my profit was only rm1.20

other people are making 500-1800 per month!
if i make 500 a month.. i have 2000 in 4 month and can help my parents pay for my tuition next year
if i make 1800 per month.. i can make 3600 in two months and maybe pay for my whole tuition in time!

and this year the university enrollment is around september.. or july (the earliest).. 
i have AT LEAST TWO MONTHS to make money to help my parents help ME!.. 

the only problem is .. i dont have transpot to go to work here in kelantan
i dont have my drivers license just yet.. even if i do, i dont have a car
the bus to get around town in kelantan... does it exists ?
its different i live in kl.. i can ride the train, lrt, monorail, transit bus, bla bla bla.. really easy..
but my siblings house there is full of dust.. i cannot bare living there for 2 months!!
haccchuummm haaachuumm...

(bye..going out)


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keep your head down.. thats what i should've done...
tu la semalam perasan sgt igt nk pass senang2 je.. tgk apa dah jadi..
nevermind.. i'm sick of talking about today's test..

anyway a few days ago i went to kl.. from friday to monday..
the traveling sickens me.. but the shopping heals me! muahaha...
the best part : Eating just about everything...

1. Poppye!
 Perfect chicken.. Unique Fries.. Reasonable Price

2.Tutti Frutti!
ice cream...banana..cereal..candy.. syrup.. all my favorite things in one.. the price is also all in one! haha

3.Restoran Insaf!
nasi beriani mahal... tapi sedap.. ramai pulak tu org kt kdai tersebut.. 

ngap ngap ngap.. wajibal ghunnah

baquette pizaa ape ntah.. sdapppp

5 boxes of pizaa...and believe it or not.. all gone! 

7.Pizza Hut
hasil dating abg no2 ku... dpt try spicy chicken wings.. sedappp

bentou.. tak sedap tapi sronok makan.. rse cam org jepun.. this make me realise that i dont like raw food!! they give me headache ...

talking about japanese things...i went to see i pad.
 but sadly there were soo many people looking at them.. so i just had to settle for the ipad wallpaper outside of the store

 anak sedare ku.. safiya.. mata dia bulat.. still xleh lawan mak cik dia nii.. muahahaha

 eye mask! muahaha.. i've been searching forever for this ... cute kan??

 sambil tunggu kat lobby quality hotel.. ber-photo-gedik-ing... lighting besttt!!

 ermm.. ni konon candid.. baru lepas dpt kasut.. hepi semacam .. hahaha jgn jelse
 and this one at gulati!!!!!!! mat2 bagla semua duk tgk! hahaha... memang gadis idaman bangla laa..

when i was in sunway pyramid...i heard a familiar voice .... 
"eh mcm suara he qun"... *runs to take a look  

ITS HIM!!!..ITS NICHOLAS TEO!.. waaaaaahh...
i screamed my heart out..
org len(mostly chinese) semua memandang kearahku "eh jakun btol bdak ni.."
then i start to take pictures
and at one point he looked up and heart melts soo fast that i didnt get to picture of his face!..
yg ni je paling clear pon..huhuhu...

and that conclude my trip to kl.. i gained a few kg... AGAIN!.. hadoii... 
ape la nak jadi..

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 @ 1:28 AM  0 stares
hey.. nina here~~!
and you're watching... err.. nevermind..
so today... i have soo many things to say but i'm too lazy to elaborate..
so lets have the pictures talk on my behalf..

this is obviously about the tsunami + earth quake in japan!..too young too help.. i can only pray..


both of this is for 2 things i'm nervous about! .. all i can do is pray for the best

and last but not most skinny people out there who have no respect to  non-skinny girls..

that's all... i'll update about my trip to kl if i manage to find my camera..



Wednesday, March 9, 2011 @ 1:32 AM  2 stares
waaaaaaaaaaaaaa x puas hati gilerrrrrr...
boys dan segelintir GIRLS yang tergila-gilakan boys
sampai memaki hamun kaum sendiri
sampai tak sedar bahawa
ape saje yg girls buat memang x betul di mata boys..

bila senyap kata sombong
bila cakap kata melayan

bila senyap kata boring
bila cakap kata gedik

bila senyap kata control
bila cakap kata over

bila senyap kata "buat2 baik dia tuh"
bila cakap kata "cakap lepas la dia tuh"

fine.. yang tak boleh belah ialah..
bila kita senyap dpn dorang dan buat bising bila diorang tak tengok..
diorg ckp kita ni talam dua muka pulak!!

(talam yg takdak kena mengena dgn luahan ini)

maybe muka ni mcm anak patung
(sempat lagi perasan)
tapi muka cun ini ada perasaan juga! ..
kenalah BERCAKAP melepaskan EMOSI!
kalo nak yang cun ... tak cakap tapi still menarik...
pegi beli BARBIE DOLL .. paling murah RM49.90 yang lawa..
kalo nk yg x lawa ade kat kedai2 runcit hanya  RM1.20 setiap satu!

huhhh... baik makan cupcake berupa shaun the sheep..
kenyang perut.. ade la faedah sikit!
ngap ngap*

huhhh.. lega sudaaa...
baru sedar yg ianya memang lumrah manusia untuk mencari kesilapan orang lain

ada satu cerita ni.. sorang bapak n sorang anak zaman dulu2..
diorg dpt seekor kuda

first2.. si bapa bagi anak naik kuda... dia pon tarik kuda itu
sampai satu kampung .. org kampung pon kata.. 
"apa punya anak... biar ayah dier tarik kuda bila dia duk relax kat atas tu"
setelah mendengar perkara itu.. diorg pon tukar laa
bapak dia naik kuda.. anak dier tarik
sampai satu kampung .. org kg pon kata
"apa punya bapak!.. dera anak dia suh tarik kuda"

pastu tu apa lagi.. dua-dua org pon turun.. tarik kuda tuh..
sampai satu kampung.. org pon kata
"apa punya anak beranak... ada kuda takmau naik"

pastu dua2 org pon naik la atas kuda tersebut
sampai satu kampung org pon kata
"apa punya anak beranak...mendera kuda tu"
so apa mau buat?.. semua pon salah.. 
bak kata pepatah english..
you can't be in everyone's good book!..

so conclusionnya : kita buat apa yg kita selesa 
selagi ia tidak bertentangan dgn suruhan dan larangan agama!
(Cehwah.. sempat lagi aku berdakwah ye)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011 @ 3:23 AM  4 stares
yesterday i saw thai movie- hello stranger... 
I give "a little crazy thing called love"  5 stars
"hello stranger" ???..... 2 stars only..


1 star because they mention nichkhun.. hahaha
and the other is because the guy lead keep on making stupid jokes
ending was a little disappointing!  huh waste of my time downloading.. 
rase cam nk delete je..xleh2.. nanti masuk U bley jual! muahahaha

anyway the main point of today's post is as follows :
when i see your face
there's not a thing that i would change
cause you're amazing
just the way you are 

when you smile
the whole world stops and stares for a while
cause you're amazing
just the way you are

okay.. so i'm sure every one knows this song.. just the way you are by bruno mars!
every girl in the world dreams of having some one say this words to them
well.. syamimi... it's your lucky day because i'm singing it for you!
in spirit.. (nk nyanyi btul2 xleh.. pitiching lari..lari laju sgt.. x larat nk hambat.. haha)

dont give a damn about other people's perspective of you
just imagine .. if you see an ugly girl..and that ugly girl doesnt talk to anyone
would you say she's arrogant?? NO!
because she's so ugly that you don't notice her existance

when you see a beautiful goddess.. who doesn't talk to anyone..
sexy from head to toe (sings usher - OMG)
would you say she's arrogant??
Most Definitely YES!!
mostly because she's pretty and how we wish we were her!
so basically we're jealous of the appearance that she have!
and try to find her "defects" to cover up our big fat Ego

so.. when you hear other people talk about you..
it means that you have something that they're jealous of....
maybe you're sense of style???.. cehhwahh
natural beauty???..x perlu make up mcm clown pon dah lawa
body language???....waduh waduhh.. haha

 but as a girl.. i completely understand how you feel.. i feel it before
"what's wrong with me??"
"am i that ugly"
"why dont you like me??"

you know what.. i stand by one thing and it works

Love Yourself and Others will Love You!

tak caye?? ...try la sendiri!!


Monday, March 7, 2011 @ 1:28 AM  3 stares know how yesterday i went all out on the photo-gediks thing.. i'm not going to do that.. just sharing 1 picture of mee~!

opps ..that's mee... which looks incredibly tasty..anyway, i meant me~!

why? just for fun! haha.. that was taken last February after chinese new year
thats my cousin.. she, my sisters and i went out for a girls day out!
we went bowling and ate at noodle station!
most importantly.. i look soo.. something.. haha
(tapi pipi agak ke-tembam-an)

anyway.. out of the blue.. i have driving class tomorrow at 2pm!
gidaridaga .... *sings 2pm tired of waiting all of the sudden

i think i'm going to watch a thai movie before i sleep.. :) 
if its good, i'll write a post about it tomorrow


Sunday, March 6, 2011 @ 3:20 AM  2 stares

One whale, recorded since 1989 and tracked since 1992, sings at a frequency of 51.75 Hz, whereas others of her kind sing at 15 to 25 Hz. She's lonely because no one else can hear her

just think.. maybe to other whales she's a mute... but actually she can talk/sing... but at a higher frequency..

just like mute and deaf people.. perhaps they can speak/hear at a higher frequency.. its just not the same as ours... maybe its just slightly higher.. because we can hear the sounds they produce but not all... if they really could not produce any sounds we shouldn't be able to hear ANY kind of sounds from them..

someday.. i'm going to do an experiment on this.. somehow! 
maybe like mr kalusner and his sound machine....
why???... because nobody likes not being listened to.. 
just imagine you're trying to tell something but no one in the world hears you..
its frustrating and not to mention lonely!

lonely... i'm mr lonely.. i have nobody... all on my ownnnnnnnn ohhh i'm so lonely..
*sings mr lonely by akon all of a sudden!.. haha

haha.. both of the inspiring words above are from britney spears song.. notice?

which brings me to the topic : "blogging"
why do people nowadays blog?

well first of all its because its sort of a trend ..a way to become famous like celebrities
its where you can show off all of your cham-whoring moment
okay maybe that word is a little harsh.. lets use the term photo-gediks
its where you can show off all of your GREAT photo-gediks moment!


i wont deny that i was like that.. i wanted to show all the "pretty" pictures of me
but after blog walking a few hundred blogs.. i just find it annoying to look at bunch of pictures of my own generation posing as if they're so desperate to sell themselves on the internet!

and i wondered : do people have this kind of feeling when they look at my pictures?
cause if they do, its not good!

so i've stopped posting "cutesy" pictures of me in EVERY SINGLE POST..
just not to seem THAT DESPERATE..
i have something called PRIDE .. and i'm not going to sell them online! 

but that doesnt mean i dont post my pictures at all.. just not all the time like some bloggers..
once in a blue moon(cehhwah)
mcm gi pantai ke...

bgi sape2 yg post sikit2 tu xpe la.. x kisah.. yg menyampah nye bile satu blog tu penuh ngan gambar u.. dah la gambar besar gedabak!... pastu header yg ade gambar u yang diedit pakai paint!.. muka pon edit konon mcm barbie padahal ...ehhemm lu pikir la sendiri... maruah letak mane?...

cuba byngkan cucu cicit masa hadapan tgk gambar yg korang letak kat blog tu.. maluu ouhh.... cuba byngkan nenek korang yg amik gambar mcm tu zaman diorg dulu.. mesti malu kan kita tgk?.. so insaf2 la blogger yg blogging sbb nk popular tapi muka x seberape tuh

(emotional pulak aku ni..saje je nk menyuarakan pendapat..
kalo gi kat blog diorang konfem something like this will come up "suka hati aku la blog aku")

so bila pikir2 balik perangai diorang ni.. its just a cry for attention..
mungkin x bertemu jodoh... mungkin boyfriend yg ade x memenuhi kriteria pastu nk cari lain.. maybe kurang perhatian sbb diorg rase diorg cun and perlu lebih perhatian.. mungkin kurang di puji so letak la gambar bedozen-dozen bagi chance untuk visitor puji...mungkin kurang kwn yg sekepala and blog je la tempat diorang nk tunjuk bahawa diorg cool

hahhaha..nape emotional sgt nii nina oii...

well anyway.. lets go to number 2 shall we
blogging to say something and hoping that some one hears and cares..
thats why i blog!
sometimes the thought of someone reading is enough.. even though no one actually is..
your silly thoughts, your boring day or your moody feelings..
time ayat2 pasrah mencurah-curah..
memang xde sape yg suka layan ayat2 negative
so .. blog je la tempat untk mencurahkan segala-galanya!
lepas tu kite ok balik.. no harm done!

i think i write too long for today.. byebye