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Assalamualaikum and Hi

today... i felt like something hit my head with a rock..

Ada jenis lelaki/perempuan bila di luar begitu malu bila berhadapan dgn org, nk jalan berselisih dgn bukan mahram bukan main tunduk malu lagi, nak berjumpa pun utk hal2 yg penting2 shj itu pun berteman dgn kwn,nk cakap dgn lelaki/perempuan bkn mahram pun malu2, ckp sepatah dia jwb sepatah...nk bermesra-mesra kt luar mmg xla kan apatah lagi nk bertepuk tampar dgn bukan mahram sbb malu teramat sangat

tetapi, malu td tiba2 shj berubah
apabila kat dalam laman sosial, rasa xmalu nk chatting dgn bukan mahram sampai pagi, rasa xmalu nk bergelak ketawa bersama dlm chatting, xberasa malu nk buat video call dgn org yg xkenal sampai pagi, xrasa malu nk dedah aurat masa buat video call dgn bukan mahram,xde perasaan malu nk chatting hal2 peribadi bersama, dalam kelambu, dan perkara2 yg tidak sepatutnya di sembang tetapi ntah mcm mana semua itu diluahkan dlm chatting...hilang sudah sifat malu dlm diri...
siapa yg perwatakannya sebegini, mohon sama2 kita perbaiki lagi diri, pertingkatkan iman dlm diri...jgn biarkan diri kita ini sperti org yg fasik lagi munafiq...nauzubillahiminzalik...
jom tutup aurat dan jaga akhlak

copy n paste from faceboook....

serius terasa

Terasa Ya Allah.. Terasa Ya Allah... 
Terasaaaa sgttttttttttttttttttttttttt
even though i am not guilty of ALL
i'm guilty of some..

after i read this.. i  felt like digging a hole and burrying my head in it
i have no idea why
i mean... in way i didn't do anything wrong
but why i am so terasa.. 

but still.. Ya Allahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... i had no idea

deactivate facebook!! delete twitter!!... throws away phone..

ehh mmg tak ah... jage diri sudah nina...

now i understand the saying
"mujahadah itu pahit kerana syurga itu manis..."
well at least i kind of understand the pahit part..
dan mujahadah yg palingg sukar ialah mujahadah nafsu..
untuk control nafsu ...there's only one way : PUASA!!!

pray for meeeeeeeeeeee
i don't think my own prayers is enough for me... :((((

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Assalamualaikum and Hii

i thought today is my blog's birthday..
meaning "the first post i ever posted day"
but then i RE-checked .. it was on 5 november..
haha i didn't stalk myself well enough
sorry bloggie... happy birthday...

i'm craving for pavlova~
okay bloggie.. i'll treat you okay...Serai, Empire!!!
next weekend..
not this weekend.. i have another camp~ XD

okay back to you bloggie
you are like.. 4 years old now??
2008 -  2012
which means if you're a kid.. you're in your annoying phase~~

God i've changed a lot since then..
baca post yg 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 
Ya Allah...yg lawak pon ade.. yg rse nk delete pon ade..

no ninaa don't!
your memories.. let them be..
because thats what made me, ME~!

(imaginary readers.. don't you dare read my previous post.. cubit kang!)

how did i start my blog?
well it was because of asdjklmnopqrstuvxwyx
nahh... partly because of my bestfriend : syamimiiiiiiii

why partly? because the other half is asdjklmnopqrstuvxwyx
after some self-stalking : The cause of my bad sleeping habits

(click to enlarge)

a bigger computer geek than i was
a bigger jpop fanatic than i was
awfully mean.. but matured for our age (at the time)
crazier than i'll ever be..

but as usual
...people forget me...
they always do...

but then i saw this tweet

Why are you so surprised? ....If people can forget Allah why can't they forget you?

thats why i love twitter... there's always a tweet for whatever i'm going through~
for Shakespeare nazis, there's always a line from Shakespeare for everything

but remember : for us muslims ..
we have the quran which have an ayat from the many surahs for everything in life and beyond~

okay back to that friend of mine
no one forget anyone.. its just that we grew apart and lost contact that's all..

and again..from twitter

A strong Friendship doesn't need daily conversations as long as the relationships live in the heart, true friends will never part

and to wrap things up
Others break our hearts and Allah fixes our hearts, yet most of people still return to others ...and not returning to Allah SWT?!

just something to ponder upon
nite peepsss
As salam

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Assalamualaikum and highhh~~!

i just got back from my camping trip at teratak riverview Ulu bernam... 
it was awesome!! hahahha 
well.. i made some memories..

when i got back here.. i realized that comparing myself to everyone around me is tiring 

i am trying to be good at drawing 
when i already have mad designing skills via adobe

i am learning the basics of a language that is alien to me 
when i already have the basics to 2 other  foreign language that i would easily cruise through

i am struggling to be active and  be good at things like camping and whatnot 
when i can do a lot more with a mouse and a keyboard

i am constantly changing my handwriting 
when my writing itself can stand on its own

i listening to songs that i don't even like.. 
when my folder is filled with songs that i actually like

i complain that i'm not as fit/ fast as they are 
when i forget that i can stay wide awake while they sleep and wake up really early and do a lot more then

i am learning how to read music notes.. 
when i have the talent to read html codes

i am making friendssss.. 
when i really prefer not talking to strangers

i'm trying to change the way i dress 
even though my family have no problem with how i dress..
and even i myself is..was.. perfectly fine with it

i'm trying to be a nicer..
even though sometimes i feel i'm nice enough

trying to be a better muslim
despite the endless sin i commit

i am trying not care.. even when i really do
i am trying not to tweet... even though i'd really love to

i am holding back from posting my pictures.. 
even though i really really really want to

i trying to know more about the world.. 
even though i hate politics and war

i am trying to not be fusyy
when in fact i am really really really really fussy as anyone could ever be

i am doing things i don't even like.... 
over the things i like doing 
and its tiring..

but so far.. its a lot of fun.. 
and it wont hurt to learn some new things would it?

so far
physically.. yes it hurts badly
emotionally... yes..kind of..
but.. its worth it
is it???

harap ini lack of gambar
tuan puteri sangat gering.. mahu beradu skrang

Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 7:19 AM  3 stares

Assalamualaikum and hi..

Imaginary readers..
Have you ever wondered...

Whats the point of liking status after status on fb..
Whats the point of posting status after staus on your fb..
Whats the point of hearting picture after picture on instagram..
Whats the point of posting how pretty your meal look on instagram..meal after meal
Whats the point chatting with strangers after strangers you barely even know
Whats the point of stalking day by day..someone who barely even knows you
Whats the point of pouring your heart out on blogger or twitter post after post tweet after tweet

Whats YOUR point of waking up in the morning
Whats YOUR point of doing the things you have always done..

If your answers are good for you.. benefit you in some way in the log run, bring you closer to Him perhaps...keep on doing it

But if its not... let me introduce you to your invisible friend called "procrastination"
and its time that you end things with him...

Dear procrastination..i want a break up.. and we are never ever ever getting back together.... loving you was red..missing you was dark gray all alone .. forgetting you is like trying to remember somebody you never met...but we are never ever ever..getting back together ..

#abeh campur lagu taylor swift..

Stop procrastinating peeps...:)

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Assalamualaikum and hi~ 
a very very good in the early early morning i bid to all~

you know how people always say 
"everything happen for a reason"

or in malay 
"rilek ahh..ade hikmah la tuu"

the simple reasoning to everything in our life..
but at that particular moment :

have you ever lose faith?

did you feel disappointed?

did you question : WHY WHY WHY!?
you didn't do anything wrong
you tried your best
you feel like you've been good enough
you feel like you're pretty enough
you feel like you prayed hard enoguh
but still..why??

now...that simple reasoning isn't that easy to grasp isn't it?

only after GOD shows you "why" will you understand
and will you be extremely thankful

so thank you Allah
for giving me what i really need instead of what i want but don't really need
Alhamdulillah :)

now i know why i didn't get chosen for kawad
now i know why you put the people around me in my life
now i know why you put me where i am
now i know why you give me what i have
now i know why you put me through what i've been through

well ..not really.. 
i don't know exactly WHY...
i believe God's the reason WHY continuously continue as my life proceeds
 but i catch glimpses that everything that you have given me is for the best..

Everthing that He has given me
are things within my range
things that i can handle
things that will teach me 
and change me into a better person

so Alhamdulillah
if i could add the word very and sangat to the word alhamdulillah...
i definitely would
but i don't think that's appropriate.. 
Sunday, November 11, 2012 @ 1:57 AM  1 stares
Assalamualaikum and hi~

how are you imaginarily doing my dear imaginary readers?.. imaginarily good?

this whole week my head keeps on playing around with words

wordy words whirly whirling in the worldly world of wordy words

here's one..
inspired when i was studying Description Of English~ (DOE)
my mind dirfted somewhere and i came up with this

you you sweet talker you
sweetly talked me into sweetly talking to the sweet talking you
with your sweet talks of a sweet talker
made me talk my sweet talk with a sweet talker like the sweet talking you
everyday i would sweetly talk myself into sweetly talking to the sweet talking you
when i know i shouldn't be sweet talking a sweet talker like you

after i finished that one..
i thought to myself... haishhh ninaaa studyy D.O.E.. D.O.E...
doe... sounds like dough
so i made another one

D.O.E ..
is not as easy 
as making dough
even though DOE might sound like dough
but you must know... that DOE is nothing like dough
add flour to water and you'll have dough
but neither can get me an A for DOE
and don't get me started on dough!!

*the last "dough" refers to money~*

there were a lot more witty word-plays i made up in my head..

while filling my tummy.. 
and doing my laundry..
i just cant remember any
not right now probably
i ate ants maybe?

hahaha i did it again... 
just when i thought i can't
it is soo unplanned
like a frying pan

hahha okay..that thing about the frying pan is too random...XD

i'll should stop now and studyyyyy!!!!!. 
ninaaaa! do it right !!!!
if you don't want to do it twice
do it right the first time!

you don't like saying what you've already said
you don't like eating what you've already eaten
now why would you do something that you've already done?

yesterday (thursday) i spent like 6 hours at kfc studying - alone
and felt like I've accomplished something n__n
really satisfied and felt that my life was on track

unfortunately today, i found out i studied the wrong chapter.. 

i thought i have done 
but its not that one
so its back to square one
cause the options are none
it has to be done
or else i'm done

i wish i have a magic wand
so that it can be done
by just waving the wand
and getting everything i want

see how my head keeps on playing with words...
minum ubat and then sleeeep~ zzzzzz

i've been kind of sick all week...
slight fever..
randomly sneezing..
coughing quite terribly..

but i couldn't drink the cough medicine at all because well you know how they can make you super sleepy and stuff..
i had tests and assignments and i had no choice but to stay up..
 if i take the medicine... i couldn't stay up..worse.. i probably couldn't get up in the morning...
sooo tonight is my only chance

to sleep oh so soundly
like a babyyy~

tomorrow study~! 

and i mean it really!!

its my reality

no more dilly dally

wait wait before i sleep..
one more word play inspired by my "sweet talking" word play

to the sweet talking you
do you know i've been sweetly stalking you
stalking the sweet talker tweets
tweeting sweetly as sweet as sweet talking a stalker
stalking sweetly the tweets of another
breaking the heart of a sweet talking stalker

have you guys noticed
how i'm very cheesy
especially lately
and its sort of creepy
i think i'm going crazy
but i'm not at all sleepy
i should sleep really
so that my body can healy?

hahahhahaha nite peeps~


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I have a chicken..
He gives me motivation and inspiration everday..
He knows just what to say..
As if he knows what i feel
And today..he said:

click to enlarge :)
(fixed it!! thank you GG~) 

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Assalamualaikum and hi

today's post is for someone i miss oh so badly
i miss him so much i could die
i really could 

how are you doing my love
my dear Mr.R

i really really really miss you
i really really do

my lover whom i can only see once a year
my lover whom i can only be with only a month every year 
a lover i could never marry
one of his lovers- i could only be

we would have dates everyday
he cools me down during the hot day
he heats me up during the cool night

hahahahahha this is starting to sound soo wrong!
let me just confess already!

i miss Ramadhan!
i really really really miss it!
i miss fasting everyday for the whole month

i miss easily waking up before sahur to talk to Him
i miss preparing sahur for my parents and waking them up

i miss feeling hungry after zohor
i miss that dehydrated feeling 

i miss doing the ba'diyah and qabliyah prayers even though i was wayy too tired..
and getting the same reward for every prayer that i do
i miss making time for the Quran after EVERY prayer..

i miss going to the bazar ramadhan..well not so much
i miss cooking for iftar
i miss reading pre-iftar statuses 
where everyone was going crazy over the food they will have for iftar / cannot have for iftar

i miss having dates~ pretty ones
i miss having iftar with my family
i miss my dad reciting the doa before iftar.. 
(reading the doa from his galaxy note while my mom rolls her eyes)

i miss rushing to terawikh prayers with my dad
i miss listening to his childhood stories on the way to and back from terawikh prayers
i miss terawikh with that imam from arab with his arabic style of reciting the surahs
i miss the mak cik mak cik who refused to "rapatkan saf"
i miss the akak akak who kept on bugging them to "rapatkan saf"
i miss salam-ing with all of them after terawikh

i miss usha-ing the guys who comes out of the masjid after terawikh 
i miss usha-ing guys who help their mother to get to their cars after terawikh
i miss usha-ing them going to kopitiam wearing jubah/baju melayu/kupiah

i miss going to kopitiam with my parents + siblings after terawikh 
i miss falling asleep in the car after terawikh
and waking up excited because i already slept and could stay up and still do the tahajud

i miss tweeting my ramadhan tweets
i miss reading to ramadhan quotes
i miss tweeting without being judged...
eh eh eh .. ni topik lain dah ni..

in general..
i miss my attitude during ramadhan
i miss my spirit, i miss my efforts
i miss those freaking syaitan getting chained and not seducing me to procrastinate

"when syaitans can not make you commit sins, they make you waste time"

Ya Allah!!
Level up my Iman
give me back that spirit you gave me during Ramadhan
Help me walk on the right path!
remove everything else from my heart except for the desire to be near you and only you.
and get those FREAKING SYAITANS away from me
make me strong enough to resist those freaking creatures!!
...wahifzofmin kulli syaitonni marrid...


Pray for me :( pleaseeeee i desprately need itt!!