Saturday, May 25, 2013 @ 3:56 AM  3 stares
Kelantan is
where my heart is~
where my soul is
where i am right now

Kelantan is
where you can get rice for breakfast
rice for brunch
rice for lunch
rice for tea time
rice for dinner
rice for supper
and by rice i mean fresh nasik with fresh lauk..

Kelantan is
where the airport is our source of entertainment
where kbmall is our main attraction
where the stadium is our "mamak"

Kelantan is
where is doesn't have traffic jam or normal working days
but have traffic jam during the holidays

Kelantan is
where you can get sarcasm at it best
yet still feel loved and not offended
where everyone is family

Kelantan is
where pretty people roam the streets
like models
but no one stares at anyone
because its normal

Kelantan is
where you can see makcik2 wearing purdah is here and there
adik2 wearing skinny + tudung sempang everywhere
budak2 wearing school uniforms dating kt billion
guys with kain pelekat n kupiah lepak kbmall after isya'

Kelantan is
where at least 10 azan is heard every masuk waktu solat
where you can hear ceramah every night
by just sitting outstide
without even leaving your house
where terawikh is never dull
where Hari Raya is forever fun

Kelantan is
where my heart is~
where my soul is
where i am right now
Home sweet Home 
Kelantan sweet Kelantan 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 @ 12:27 PM  2 stares

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning i bid to each one of us~ 
well its that time of the semester again! week 12 - 14 of the semester~
the busiest, hectic-est week of every semester
staying up all night to finish groupwork projects
incomprehensible assignments that only can be comprehended a few hours before the dateline
relying on sugar rush, adrenaline, caffeine, and God's mercy 
sleeping is no longer in our dictionary.

but honestly..
i don't mind

i don't mind it at all
i really don't
in fact i'm enjoying

i like the rush of catching the dateline
i like the pour of inspiration i just get when i brain storm
i like studying for a sudden test
and relating my assignments with my interest to make it more interesting

i like having no time waste pondering over what to eat..
and instead just buying what will give me energy
i love not caring how many chocolates i ate
and how many kg i've probably gained from them

i like squeezing everything to fit my schedule
making things work as i go
i like the motivation i get to finish everything as perfect as possible

i love having no time to stare at my phone
and not having the free time to stalk and get paranoid
i love not caring about how i look when i wake up to class in the morning

i love the rush
i love the hectic hush

..haha i just fell asleep while updating.. i should snooze for a sec..

have a nice may peepss
48 days to Ramadhan!