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xdop jodoh la kito... awk gi jale, sy duk rumoh... sy gi jale, awk duk rumoh..ni awk gi langkawi, nanti awk balik sy gi doh... huhu taun depe plop kito chat nampoknyo....
Hepi new year la deh!

hmmm... what did i want to say just now? .. oh yeah... where is all of my friends? waaa.. no one is online... theres just an "angel" from my school at my ym ..when i was just joking, he took it too seriously.. aiyoyo.. theres another one.. she's younger than i am.. when she chat with me, i feel like she doesnt really want to chat with me.. when infact she was the one who buzzed me first... adoii...she gives me a headache..

lets get back to the point shall we?
I've found it!!!!!
i found it!! i found it!! i found it!! i found it!!
god i found it!.. yes i found it.. i looked for it with the least hope, and i found it!!

huh..huhh... inhale~!....exhale~~!.. haaaah...

ME!! as in NINA!!

how i love facebook! but i didnt add ehemm... it will seem too obvious wouldn't it?
i cannot believe this!!! i actually found it!!
i'm so happy!!!!

i dont think i can sleep to night!!

well i guess i better go to bed now...
haha.. want to know what i found?
you chat with me to find out! hahah


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Long time no post... long time no see.. long time no chat

as you can see... all of the statement above is.. False.. theoretically and grammatically..

haha.. what on earth am i talking about?..

i feel like i havent posted for so long when its has only been 3 days..
you see i run a cafe and i have a new pet... in FACEBOOK!

i'm not addicted to it.. i just want to take care of my cafe and my pet carefully

my cafe name is pucca hutt..level 8 and my pet name is Rika piyon... level 4 she's very cute! my whole family knows her.. my mom said she has "matahari" lashes... i'll upload a picture of her later...

other than that i watched stardust!!! .. THE BEST MOVIE EVER!.. well not really but the story is good... the star was soo pretty... the guy wasnt so handsome..

talking abut un-perfect but still cute match... have you watch seoul song video... suju and snsd... super generation! haha..

the song is nice...
when i watch the video :

  1. Sooyoung's body... is nothing like mine!!.. i want to be her!!
  2. i love jessica yellow hair.. looks something like japanese ghotic lolita kind of hair
  3. seohyun and kyunhyun part is soooo cutee!!!.. the backwards head.. waaa i want something like that!
  4. shindong and sunny's story are cute too!
  5. shidong dance to genie?
  6. donghae dance to sorry sorry?
  7. yoona is not there!!!!!!! YAY !! THE BEST SNSD VIDEO EVER!
and thats about it.. theres alot more i want to write but i have to go now... penang here i come!! again! hahaha.. bye by3...


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haha.. i just got back from ipoh..
well not just now but on 10 o'clock sunday...

i want to update about my trip to ipoh but my sister wont upload the pictures ..
so it'll have to wait

On Monday (today) .. i finished all of my easy homework....
which means i still have to finish the not so easy ones

what i have finished :
  1. BM - karangan (printed) and folio julia
  2. BI - 10 essay (find meaning)
  3. Career folio - dermatology
  4. PAI - tokoh islam tingkatan 5 ( slide show) (burned onto a cd)
as for what i have to finish :
  1. addmath - buku analisis forecast question sem 2 ( bab 4,5,6,7,8? )
  2. chemistry handout
the list seems soo short when the fact is, the work is jigoku daa...

as for the fun stuff i did at home today :

  1. downloaded c-ute edo temari no uta ii
  2. downloaded c-ute shock pv *~*new release*~* (@ aipop.cl)
  3. downloaded no3b kisu no ryuusei *~*kind of new*~* (@ aipop.cl)
  4. downloading Coin locker monogatari subbed by mistral fan sub
the c-ute pv i downloaded is 2 different thing...for the single edo temari no uta, they all have equal lines... as for their single shock.. it was a shock all right... airi got all of the solo lines... but i cant complain that much.. since umeda erika left the group and miami got a pretty ugly hair cut, airi is the only one i want to see anyway.. haha..

after that , i came across akb48 very own sub group no3b with their song kisu no ryuusei !.. i like the video.. more mature than their video tane ..

as for preparations for school, i bought my uniform in kelantan last raya, my shoes i bought at kl .. its really nice!.. and all that left to buy is a new pencil box, a bag, a pair of dollie shoes

i'll talk about kl and ipoh later...i'm too tired today... byebye

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well..i guess this is goodbye...

dont worry.. i'm NOT quitting blogging... i'm just going to kl..

maybe we will stop at ipoh first if we get tired on the way to kl.. the next day is the day my sister go on an interview... and the few more days after that is the day we enjoy!!

i packed my clothes for 5 days so i will be back by sunday? monday? .. not sure..count will ya?

but a few things for sure...
  1. my facebook fish will die
  2. my cafe will be un-managed
  3. my homework will be on hold! ( i dont really care about this)
and thats about it.. if i have time i'll try to post tomorrow.. well sayonara

namida kun sayonara...
sayonara namida kun...
matta auuhii maade~

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I have found my true love

why didnt i realize it before?... my true love had always been right infront of me
(and sorry nichkhun.. you're not first on the list this time...)
My lovely parents!

they tried soo hard with all their might to raise all 5 of us..well 7 if you count my 2 cats

i found out something that made me realize some of the things they did, they didnt involve the 5 of us just because it world probably bring down our moods..well when i found out, i was very devastated.. but then it made me appreciate them alot more then i did before

my dad is a great listener.. he's the one you look for when you want someone to listen without judging what you say .. he's great with computer and a great secret keeper!

as for my mom.. she knows everything about everything.. she can do anything.. if she cant' , she'll try... she knows how to make you feel better.. and even though someone has acted badly, she still wont hold grudges

aside from that.. my parents are very supporting unlike some other parents..

  • when i like the guy from my old school..(makmal) ...they spied on him for me and fill me in on the details.. haha.. no other parents are as supportive as they are
  • when the 5 of us watch something, they tag along and really get into the show with us
  • they are more updated on the latest malay /indon / songs than i am .. (well i only listen to japan and korea)
  • they come to my school every week... and bring food.. hahah

the have done countless things for me..

if i were to use the all the water in the world as ink , the sky,the land, and the entire solar system as my paper, i still wont have enough space and ink to write it down...

so with sugar and spice and everything nice, you get my parents instead of the powerpuffgirls .. but its better that way.. i dont know what will i do with 3 flying puppets ..

well thats about it.. i have something to say so i'll make another post to dedicate this post especially to my parents!

thank you mama & papa ...i love you!!.. saranghaeyo~!!.. aishiteru... wo ai ni men!!


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you're so sweet sweet, you're so thrilling thrilling

you're so shiny shiny
cant you hear my heart beating
why do you keep me waiting

you're face is so handsome handsome
your words are so kind kind
i think i fell in love too deep at first sight

your lips, your skin
your smile, your body
your charms keep me from waking up

you're the guy i've been waiting for
i fell into your heart
i think i love you

for you, i'm A+, i groom myself confidently A+
whenever i see you, you're A+, i fell i love with you A+
i fell in love with you A+, you're eyes are always A+
you, really want to have you boy, boy

when you're stare me like that
my shy heart keeps on beating
i fell into love too deep at first sight

your lips, your skin
your smile, your body
your charms keep me from waking up

you're the guy i've been waiting for
i fell into your heart
i think i love you

the prince in my dreams
i realize now that its you
now i'm going to find you

what am i talking about?
dont worry.. its a translation to a song
T-ara's song.. Apple song!

what's the point of putting up the translation?
well figure it out! haha
[lets see if you can!]

on the other hand..
  • my laptop is broken
  • my lips are too dry all the time.. drinking alot of water + wearing lip balm doesnt help
  • my homework is not done yet!! waaaaa
  • going to kl this wednesday? tuesday?
  • going to go jln2 at tambun + shah alam water park + sungkai + somewhere around my brother's house
  • i think i ate alot this whole holiday.. there no other way but puasa (if i go on a diet, i'll break it anyway)
  • theres so many programmes on tv.. the biggest loser, the nanny, acording to jim, movies, dramas! waaaa.. it makes me lazy to hang around online...
well thats about it for now.. bye bye

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WAIT!! Dont Misunderstand!!!!

i dont think that much into the future... well not so much..

i didnt have the time to imagine about my ideal type of boyfriend....

wait! i dont have to do that.. i already have nichkhun and inoo kei! hahaha

whatever.. so to my future husband.. i'm sorry.. today i ate a lot.. haha

Well actually today in my post, i am talking about my future..
but not with a husband and babies and all that.. its a little too early TOO FREAKY to be talking about at my precious teenage years

Its actually My future career.. my future job, my future occupation..

well i'm sick of talking about that because i'm too young to work, but our counselor FORCED us to think about our future and what we want to be and put it in all in a stupid Wonderful Folio... suteki! suteki!

What field did i choose?
so i will become a

it something likee a doctor that specialize in skin
enough with explaining .. the important thing is ...


Yay.. that's 1 out of 100 .. haha .. but its okay because i believe in magic!
somehow.. that 1 homework will magically finish the others!

you're still wondering why my tittle is as shown above?
the husband thing?
chill ..dont worry... its a song!

well cya....
i need to sleep before my father wakes up for his work

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on...4th december 2009.. syamimi, mizah and i went to kbmall..

while waiting for syamimi.. i talk and talk with mizah.. fuhh..
its been a long time since we met so i ran out of topic to talk about

luckily.. syamimi came to the rescue!!

i love syamimi's t-shirt... really cute.. i couldnt find ones like that .. huhu

1st we went bowling

saksikan rancangan bowling bersama pengacara, mizah!!

syamimi.. bowling with style


mizah checking out shoes at the back!


charlie's angel?
totally spies?
the powerpuff girls?

totally Creampuff angels ~!

sooo cuteeee!!

Duta lovely lace! hahah

the princess and the frog..haha

and then we went to secret recipe... i wanted to buy cake but too many people
we also went to a&w i get to eat curly fries and root beer! yay!

and thats about it..

as for things that happened today

i got my result..
I got 3.06
and didn't fail!! yay!!
1 got 3A!!
and didnt fail!!

my overall pointer is not 3 point and above yet..
i'm aiming for.. 4 flat both of the semester next 2 upcoming semester and graduate in 1st class!!
yosh!! gambare!!!

hey! its my blog.. i can write anything what i want!!

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rindu sgt kat tok che!!..
my small cousin halim (darjah 2).. he's nice now.. not so nakal anymore
my gatal cousin afiq (tingkatan 1).. he miss called me but i forgot to layan.. so we lost contact .. haha
sedih gak! padahal rumah dier kat blakang je..
hari tu intai2.. dier dah jadi ensem oo skarang..

so anyway.. that pagi raya.. we went to my grandmother's house..
we found that.. no one went there except for us + my grandmother..
its kind of sad.. huhu we somehow turn it into a fun situation

1st thing i did that morning.. strike a pose!

gosh.. my mother is cuter than me dont you think?

underneath pokok klapak!.. eh pokok rambutan la

kehabisan pose.. xmo buat peace dah! ketinggalan zaman

setelah sekian lama... naik basikal!! huahuahua

raya ke 2 xde invitation.. so gi makan kat rasa mas

yang x dpt dilupakan .. waiter tu...suara dia...dier punya kelantan
fuhh... unforgettable... eh xmo la kutuk org kan?..

dah makanan tu lama sgt.. aku ngan kakak aku pon wat uzzlang photoshoot

uzzlang wannabe je.. bukan btol punya..

uzzlang tu ape?.. nanti kite wat satu post untk uzzlang..

memang dah lama nk buat tapi x kesampaian..so
tunggu ye~

raya ke 3... gi makan nasi kerabu...

pastu main2 mesej ngan bf...best fren .. haha..
tet tet...tuttt... abis beteri.. huhu

dah tu.. ape lagi.. snap snap!

raya ke brp ntah.. pegi tesco.. mkn..
~The kenny rogers roasters~

pastu naik atas.. gi beli hadiah untuk adik!

tapi bukan katak tu ah.. monyet nama kapo
sbb akaq suka kepow!

haha dont wori kalo x phm..

pastu.. kat dlm hypermarket tu.. jumpa
haha.. gila pocky btol..

pastu.. amik gambar lagi..

amik gambar mcm budak yg x pernah pegi tesco.. haha

aiyoh.. takat ni la dulu... outing bersama bf.. best friend nanti kte wat lagi 1 post.. baru special sket..

hmm..bercakap pasal bf..
comey laa layout syamimi!! simple and cutee!!!
layout idaman sy!!. haha..

by the way

kbmall kemalangan eh syamimi??
x caya!!!

ok! ok! dah caya dah...

len kali.. jgn belajar memandu kat parking space tingkat atas.. kan dah accident!

dah ah.. letih dah ni.. baru balik jepun je pun..haha

esok result!! oh tidak!! ..

ok laa i'm tired to the max now!!
max choikang changmin! help! ...hahaha

bye bye

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why am i online??

here's the story.. my aunty got wifi at her house.. my dad asked for her access code and

well isn't it obvious already?.. i got online!! YAY

first of all i want to say my raya is.. So So... not so good yet not so bad..

i heard from a friend of my that my school's results are out.. oh my.. i wonder what i got..

so anyway.. have you notice? my blog's new layout!! YAY

i got it from, where else.. Blogskins.com! but it took a while to customize.. well i didnt do anything really just add avatar and emoticon

but then i accidently deleted everything i edit.. T.T ..

so after doing the T.T dance
( i didnt really do it but you know what i mean)..
i got back on my feet.. well my hands and recover everything! the playlist took a while tho

did you know imeem only preivew their songs and if we want to hear the full version we have to go to their site.. so stingy..

so i decided to go with mixpod.com! YAY ( my 3rd yay for the post)

so after all this exictment..
its now subuh the next day.

the day i'm supposed to meet my best friend but it got postponed until friday!! huhu .. its okay .. i dont mind because my dad also got some work so i have to borrow someone's car if i have to go today.. so friday is good.. i'm sorry if i trouble you much wahai syamimi

i think my english has gotten worse.. i have to keep posting in english from now on!

theres alot more i want to add to the navigation (the side bar i mean) like add avatars of korean singers like my best friend's blog but i wayy to tired right now.. my back is hurt and i need a lot of time to find good one but i also choose the wrong ones..

well thats is from me for now.. cyaaa~!!

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