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location : multimedia room ( sivik class)

waaaa i cant believe that i actualy have this chance to post!...

i would let to thank my parents for this award and everyone that had supported me since day one..

haha i'm talking nonesense now..

hows my school year so far??.... what? you dont care? let me just tell you anyway haha

1st my room is very strategic... not too back and not too front.. the loaction i mean
my roomates... they all switched room except for me but its fine i like my new roomates.. we get along well, the 8 of us ... just for the fact that they are really mean to my chicken.. haha...they made a rated 16 and above.. haha.. but still very innocent

as for my old roomates.. i get along with them just fine because we're not in the same room anymore... also i hardly get to see their faces so its all good~!

as for my class i got to stay in my old class.. haha 502... last year 402... most of them transfered class tho.. and now i have my homeroom in my class.. but its still okay... i can bear it so far... although i'm becoming too famous for my own sake... i need to read ayat 9 from the yassin alot more.... just so you know, ayat 9 from yassin may make you invisible .. that is if you believe so..

talking about invisible things.. it seems that a few incidents had happen.. incidents as in mistical things that you dont really understand.. i for one dont really care and not really scared because i manage to pray 5 times ada and read yassin from time to time...

last night there this rude kid came infront of my desk and ask if i wanted to hear a song.. i made a weird face and they laughed.. and that the called my friend something rude... if he ever shows his face again i wouldcertainly give him a piece of my mind..

i think sivik is about to be over... just for the record last week every other from get to go home except for form 5 but its okay.. the prosA is benefical.. haha...

whats a prosA? .. program score A!.... it doesnt matter what it is but for this year i'll try to beat syamimi and her 6A!


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well i guess this the last post for now.. i'm going back to school today..

i dont mind i gained a few kg's in the past holiday.. i dont mind getting a zit for my first day of form 5.. i dont mind at all.. as long as my mind starts with a fresh and new prespective of the world.. and i have no idea what i'm talking about

to my friend syamimi : kalo joe x ensem sorri ah deh.. oyak ah ko sy dio ensem ko dop... haha sy tgk 2 3 kali po x ensem plop..x napok mcm joe pon keh... hahaha

yosh!! lets work hard to get 10A+ Spm!!!
byebye i have to sleep now.. hopefully i can post again tomorrow...
if not, this will have to do

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Happy new year!!

guess what? its 2010 and this is my 100th post!
waaaaa i cant believe this! i have written 100 post!

but, what i cant' believe even more is i'm 17 now.. i feel like i'm only 15 and everyone around me think so too.. but not my face, my personality is like a 15 year old..

i wish i could go back to 2008.. i wasn't so great that i had to leave my friends and delicous kelantan food.. but when i moved to perlis, many good things happened. .. well sort of.. kind of..

i lost almost 10 kg without any serious exercise or diet... here look!!

Raya 2008

Raya 2009

haha and of crouse.. i got 8A's... i made new friends.. fell in love? haha demo kataomoi dayo!.. what is it in english .. UNREQUITED.. haaa..fell in love but it was unrequited.. which means he dont know and possibly dont care about my existence.. wait!! that was in 2008.. 2 years ago and i'm still talking about him.. aiyoh..this is bad!

so that leads us to.. my new year's resolution!!
did i achieve my last year's resolution?.. that's another story.. haha more importantly: i dont even remember what was my new year resolution last year.

so this year

  • 10A+ SPM!!
  • Reduce weight before my sister's graduation! SNSD here we come!
  • Not let silly things get in the way of my studies & family
  • Have to smile more and cry less
lets keep it simple.. besides, that's is all i currently think about.. haha
other than that.. my aim is to save money to pay something i owe and do something i wished to do this year but i couldn't because theres not enough money..

also the left over money i will save for my university education.. just to lighten my parents burden even though it might not be much... maybe after SPM i'll get a job while waiting for the result so that i can save some more money ..

maybe i will learn to drive the drive my parents around.. also, if theres a finishing school somewhere near, it wouldnt hurt to go to one.. or not lets just take english class to fix this broken heart english of mine..

in the meantime, all i have to do is study so that i can actually get an offer to a university... overseas seems nice too!

and lastly i would like to say happy new year~!
go eat prosperity burger before chinese new year ends!
waaaaaaaaaaa... and kind send me a set!! with curly fries!
and chili would be nice....i'm hungry!!!!

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