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huhu... you must be sicky2.... my previous post is no where to be found! hahaha..
get well soon! and make sure my post last night is all right!.. if she dies... i kill you!.. just kidding i won kill you my bloggie~ auww

congrats syamimi~~~!
bak kata ehem : mimie je lah!
mimie yahaya pn balas : g je la.. xdak choice dah!... (something like that!)

hahaha the stalker that i am!!..

the wall post is like a melody in my head that i can't keep out ..
got me singing like ... nanana everyday like my ipod stuck on replay~

i love his covers~! sometimes i think he sounds like a girl.. but nevermind that!

today i feel like talking about ssome messed up things about the lyrics in songs~

today i'm going to start off with bruno mars~

...Just The Way You Are...

when i see you're face
theres not a thing that i would change

when you see my face only?..
what about when i'm not around? you're saying you want to change something? huh??


should've known, you were trouble, from the first kiss
got you're eyes wide open
why were they open?

excuse me? you got you're eyes open too!
you saw my eyes open! :P
why am i the bad guy all of the sudden?

what you don't understand is i catch a grende for ya
but you wont to the same said you were going to catch it for me?
now you're asking me to do it?
gentlement much?

..Marry You..

its a beautiful night... we're lookin for something dumb to do
ohh babyyy i think i want to marry you


thats it! its over between us bruno mars!

5 days to go? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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i'm officially a gleek!

i love the episode where they made their own song!

i love rachel's spirit!
i love quin's blonde hair! soo much volume!
i love britanny's style
i love santana's attitude
and ..on top of it all.. i love puck and lauren!!!!!!

they are such a cute couple!!
yes.. i just said that!...
yes they are!! sooo cutee together!

i love them more than mike and chang
i love them more than finn and rachel / quinn or whoever he's with

if i'm allowed to pick my love story.. i want it to be like puck and lauren's!!
please please please!

i dont want a love story like finn and rachel.. too much problems

i want a carefree love story like puck and lauren~!
i want a guy who's crazy about me!
who would stop at NOTHING to get me!
 i'm giving myself goosebums

god if you're going to give me a love story like the princess diaries 2,i dont mind...

in other news.. i ate ALOT today
1 bungkus of nasik goreng at 5:00 o'clock
3 piece of jacob cream crackers andd cofee afterwards
1 pack of strawberry rocky~
party snack! nyammy
and another bungkus of nasik lemak at 2  o'clock in the morning!

and theres 6 days left to stay home!
should i regret eating that nasik lemak at 2...
nope i shouldn't! bkan slalu makan naisk lemak ayam!
kat kuantan tu ntah ade ke tidak nasik lemak ayam itu!
who cares if i'm "as fat as a stuffed persian"6 days from now

wait!! i care!!! first impression is EVERYTHING!!!
excercise!!! urmm..maybe tomorrow!..
hahahahhaha .. not going to happen!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011 @ 4:15 AM  3 stares
i just watched 500 days of summer~!

in the begining... it was sort of boring.. the girl looks like the evil girl from sky high.. or is it her?
haha whatever!.. as the story continues it became really sweet..even though their activity is sort of boring

and also,  i lost interest when they started showing the guy's life shattering into pieces
it was also an empowering moment .. because a girl could actually do that to a guy!! well done Summer!

and then, in the end.. he met another girl named autumn..
yeah.. i wish theres 500 day's of autumn.. haha.. and then spring and then winter!

the movie makes me feel like listening to colbie calliat songs....
you make me want to say aduuhh aduhh aduuh duhh duhh (i do - nina's version)

10 days... opps.. 9 days to go! because the day of the event doesnt count! so i have 9 days to go
8 days if you subract the day i need to be leaving!.. so i hace 8 days left to stay home!

aww.. just when i've started to get attached to my HD-ed astro, tetris on facebook and sleeping all day

a friend of my is changing into a "new person" for university..
what more is she going to change about herself?
i honestly don't understand why would she want to change into a new person

if i want to change myself .. i have no idea what else can i change into..
be more polite?..
be more outspoken?....
be nicer ?....
be more "sporting" ?

why should i ? to be liked?... if i'm too nice.. people will step on my head!
if i'm too outspoken.. some will think i'm a control-freak

at the end of the day.. i wouldn't want to be anybody else..

i like who i am..
i should try pushing away my gedikness and my hobby of talking about other people
and i've decided what kind of person i'm going to be

i'm going to be myself!

the hardworking me that i was when i was in form 3 when all i did was study
the honest me that i was when i was in form 5.. where i wasn't afraid to admit i was wrong and that i dont know
the friendly me that i was in form 4 where i learn to mingle with people !
the innocent me that i was when i was a baby... where i dont have bad thoughts about other people!
and the me that i am right now who try to think everything through before going along with something! 
and last but not least ..just pray that everything will fall into its place...

but as far as everything goes up till now.. i dont want to change a thing
sure there are things that make me feel embarassed just thinking about it!
but it made me who i am today

most of my friends are taking and engineering.. and chemicals related
while i'm taking english!

i don't feel that i should be ashamed!
and here's a saying that's been through my mind these couple of days

if its the only thing i'm good at! i might as well be the best at it!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and Iā€”

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference

sedihnyaaa... tnggal 8 hari je nk tag post kat blog pkai "cuti spm"


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i wish i have 49 days more to stay home! haha so that i can finish watch the korean drama 49 days

anyway.. throughout my spm holiday (which is ending in 11 days) i've been reading things backwards..
maybe its a sign of boredom.. and here's what i found

desserts  - stressed
star - rats
nap - pan
snap - pans
evil - live
no - on 
tap - pat 
was - saw 
not - ton 

and there's more.. i just couldn't remember .. haha.. 

eleven days to go.. 


Saturday, May 7, 2011 @ 6:42 AM  2 stares
i really need to get myself google chrome on this laptop! i miss my spell checker

today i learnt the meaning of devine? divine? intevention
it means help from god.. when fate allows it .. and so on..

....however is that word spelled ...
i believe in karma
not the indian mambo jumbo
but i belive that if you do something nice, we will get something nicer in return
but if you do something wrong, you'll get something worse in return

good thing :
i was bowling.. and at first i didn't hit any pins at all
after that somone asked for a bowling ball.. and i gave it to them..
after that i did alot better!
bad things :
so during these spm holidays i've been really mean
my mouth was unstoppable..
i clearly know that it was wrong to say mean things to other but i didn't seem to mind
well i didn't actually say it... well i did.. and then i wrote about it in my blog
and then after that i chat to my sister about it and then told my friends about it
it was horrible...

in return i didn't get exactly what i wanted..

my tounge got some kind of ulser..

and my leg hurts sooo bad, i couldn't even walk right!

and also.. i accidently liked a status of a really religious boy in my school!

well that was embarassing... so i unliked it... or maybe i should just leave it like that?
waaaa i'm not logging on facebook anymore!

anyway .. apart from that

i was also a little bit annoyed by people's "happy mother's day" statuses on facebook
so i used my freedom of speech and said " why on earth do you wish it one day early"
but then someone said to me "it's okay to wish today or anyday~"
and i was embarassed of course!
but what i meant was : why would you make it your status
when you're mother doesn't even know how to go online!
or even have facebook!

and there i go again.. talking bad things about other people... in this case.. people i don't even know!

worse thing of it is.. i blame others for my failure... that's what a real loser does... stop it nina!

when i talk to my parents... i tend to get a little grumpy ... because of the ulcer i'm having...
it makes you feel lik "not in the mood for talking"..
 i can't even brush my teeth, eat or even daydream in peace

and there i go again blaming the ulcer for my attitude!

so from now on nina
stop blaming other's for you're failure
stop blaming you're health for you bad attitude
and stop bad mouthing other people.. even if they're awful..
just keep them to yourself  and shut up!
stop gloating about yourself to your parents..
give them proof!
prove it to them!!!

just kick the past behind and step into high gear and be the best person that you can!

same goes for you syamimi! everything happens for a reason!
living in the past is not going to get you anywhere!
i'm not asking you to forget about your dream
there is always another way
di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan!
jgn sedih lamo2... sy sedih kalo awk sedih :( hahaha

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meaning :& as protection against every rebellious devil


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dah lama tgk tripoom.. terlupa pasal p'shone

tertipu tertipu tipu tertipah

aiyoo pada era langit terbuka ini.. semua org berfikiran terbuka
terbuka sangat sampai senang sangat kena tipu..
kesian lah kepada  mereka yang ditipu

saye yg baik ni.. org tak caye..
dier caye kat laki yg dier kenal online selama 7 bulan.. pastu ckp sye ni x puas hati ngan dier n "aiman" which is not the guy she thinks he is...  papelah.. kte nk tolong je kan.. i guess she fell for his lie's  and it is none of my problem exactly.. sye just kesian kalo benda camni jadi kat ye sye akan sgt la sedih.. 


n i think i'm didn't use any "kata-kata kesat"...ckp ngan penuh sopan n penuh beradab siap salam and bukti pon ade.. n offer lagi kalo nk tgk bukti lagi...


so to everybody out there... please don't get involved with online relationship.. everything online is not  what it seems..

i look thin online but reality?
 i'm not!

my face looks flawless online but reality?
it's not!

i'm great girl to have a fun conversation with.. but reality?
 i'm not!

i met this girl online and promised to meet at the interview
from her picture she looked super skinny
from the way she chat , she's super friendly and humble..
when i saw her, she's the exact opposite of my expectations!

so girls out there.. all of you have pretty faces
if you look carfeully EVERYONE is pretty in their own way
i honestly say that..

 even the people i hate, they're pretty in their own way
so you don't have to sell yourself online
you're not respecting yourself..

just live your life everyday
striving for the best
working hard to make everyone aroud you happy
listen to you heart and statisfy youself

only then will your prince charming,
or maybe your "the rock!"
or maybe your korean hero
will pour his feeling towards you
and you'll both live happily ever after...


Tuesday, May 3, 2011 @ 4:34 AM  2 stares

there are alot of things that i would want to wish right now

i actually feel like i'm blessed and currently getting more than what i asked for my whole life...

but still, there are things that i would like to wish for

its not wrong to wish for things
that's what we're supposed to do
we are asked to pray and ask god for help
we are asked to pray and be greatful for everthing we've been blessed with

but everything happens for a reason..
with god's permission, everything will fall into its place
hopefully god gives us the strength to keep on going

hopefully our religious belief will grow stronger everyday
through everthing that he's testing us with..

keep the faith that god never burden his subjects with things they can't handle!

so everything that i went through
and everything that i'm going through
is because god knows that i can handle it!



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from now on.. 
i've decided to throw my worries in the air and enjoy my life
no more trying to read between the line.. 
i'm just going to read what's there..
and that's the end of it

i just got addicted to this...

sooo cuteeee
i feel like buying LG ice cream phone..
life's good with LG

 they are so pretty... can i be them? pleasse?

well we went out all day and my tummy is bloated..haha...
it was... something i can't describe..hahaha..

by the way.. is my layout messed up??
i'm viewing from my sister's laptop using mozilla
and everything is not in its right place
why?? waaaaa i dont want to change my skin just yet...
tahan jela..