Tuesday, November 11, 2008 @ 2:55 AM  1 stares
Online life is getting boring by the moment!

well i play a game... got bored.. play game number 2 over and over again!...

and then i watch "how to produce a prince" episode 3... and thats the end of my day!

haha actually ..its not over yet.. i was soo bored i went "picture hunting"

first i was looking for a tree.. and i dont know why i searched for a traffic light ..

and then found... a traffic light tree!

interesting ne~
(if you're wondering where is that thing at..
its somewhere in brittain!)

lets continue

i got bored and start searching for japanese stuff... when i search cute.. i found tegoshi

when i search japanese.. i found aaron for fahrenheit

and somehow i found a picture of a bento.. (japanese for lunch box)

so i went crazy searching for cute bentos!

here is what i found

so they just use basic food..
  • rice
  • sausages/ hot dog
  • tomato
  • egg(omelete)
  • simple vegetables
  • fries
  • bread
  • meat
  • seaweed?
okay maybe seaweed isn't our "basic food"
but the others are ...so i've decided!
i am going to make a bento!
yosh! ganbare!!

okay its exactly 3:14 AM... i should give my pc a rest now
it has been working for more than 24 hours..
and its my little sister's fault..
she want seigi no mikata to be ready downloaded when she comes back home
and its this thursday.. and i only have ep2...

Wait! why do i have to listen to her??
haha maybe its bacause kanata hongo is in that drama
and its also one of my favourite drama...

talking about japanese dramas..i'm looking for a movie

tokyo shoujo / tokyo girl..

its about a girl that dropped her phone down the stairs and a japanese boy form another century found it.. and they talk and talk and went on a date on the phone and the boy ran out of battery and the end!...

i really want to watch it with subs

if you're wondering about the raw..
you can watch it at youtube..
i didnt watch it yet since i dont want to spoil it!
but the trailer seems like really nice movie

so okay.. theres to things on my to do list now..
should i make an actual list??

oh what the heck.. here it is
in pink!

Nina's school holiday 2008 to do list
  1. try make a cute bento
  2. look for tokyo shoujo (tokyo girl) movie
  3. remember to move this list to the navigation
  4. learn the quran
  5. learn japanese
  6. make up more things to do
okay i should go to sleep...
the computer need a rest and so do i!
tomorrow i wont be going to school since my dad has to be at the assembly early and i usually take a lot of extra time to get ready even if its just to go to school..
it is soo difficult to be a girl.. huhu
her job is never done!

oh yeah i'm going to watch tokyo boy first!...
i dont know why buttoday i suddenly feel like waiting for it to load
and it did ..and now i have to watch it!
maki horikita is in it..
i've never really like her..
so, why did i open that movie??? 0_O

oh well .. i'll just watch it anyway
good night~!