Thursday, January 8, 2009 @ 6:36 PM  4 stares
when i grow up

i wanna be famous
i wanna be a star
wanna be in movies

actually thats not what i want to be
i was just singing pcd's song
nice song

what do i want to be?
i have no idea
i'm going through life trying my best to keep it low profile but still i want people to talk about me but not soo much.. its weird to wish for 2 things that are total opposites but is it impossible?

i want to keep it low profile.. not wanting people to make a fuss over something small related to me
but i still want ppl to talk about me.. in a good way...and not say bad stuff about me

i want to score the highest marks in class..just so i can statisfy myself..and make my parents proud
but i wish otherwise if people is going to treat me diffrently afterwards...

i wish people to talk to me..have fun..laugh our brains off..and make memories..
but i wish people would leave me alone if they talk to me for their own advantages or just feel sorry for me ..

i wish people would lie so the wont hurt me..
but sometimes i wish people tell me the truth just so i know..

i wish to stay home and stay online
but i wish i could leave my current school as soon as possible

i wish to be thinner so i could wear better clothes and people like me more
but i wish i stay the way i am because this way i know people like me for me or for my appearance..besides, i'm cute this way

i wish.....
i wish.....

i wish i know what to wish for

okay now i know what to wish for

i wish for 12 hours of sleep
but i wish i dont get a headache afterwards

i wish i can get rid of this emptiness inside of me
but i dont know why .. i wish i feel like this forever!

but ..above all of the things i wish for
i wish that i be more carefull of what i wish

i wished for straight A's
and i didnt go so well so far

well at least
i got a pen as a present from my school's bm teacher..

and be the center of attention
and get to sit beside....
and and and get to see....
and i get to act cute again!!
this blows all of my emo away!
i loveeeeee my life!!!!!!!!!