Saturday, January 10, 2009 @ 9:53 PM  1 stares
when you say or hear the word love..
the thing that comes to mind is sweet moments with you boyfriend of girlfriend..

but i realize.. love is not only that cheesy stuff.. but the important stuff too

like love for our family..
love for our country (food)..
love for our beliefs..

love for our friends..
love for music..
love for drama..

okay maybe love for music and drama is not important... but it is to me!

and doing things with/for/to the person/something you love makes you feel happy!

so, so far my life is complete.. i dont need a man to make me happy! (again.. pussycat doll's song)

it'd be nice if someone fancy me..but when i think about it.. i prefer people leaving me alone.. its less scarier for me that way!..hahahah

like i said before.. doing something i love makes me right now i'm going to do the thing that makes me the happiest! IMAGINING~!

after i said i dont need a man..
ki bum from super junior came to me and ask..

"WHAT?? really dont need a man?.. huhu i guess you dont need me"
(oh yeah..for your info..he's english is perfect!)

and the i said
"aww that doesnt mean i dont need you ki bum"

and then ki bum said ..

" you really mean that??"

then i said
"of course.. i dont need a man.. but i still need a korean idol by my side XD"

so he haid..

"you are soo sweet nina.. saranghaeyo~"

okay this imagination is over the top but lets continue anyway

after that i replied cutely..
"if you really mean what you say..then prove it!"

he quickly replied

"with a kiss? chuuu"

and as fast as lightning i said

"NO WAY!'re cute but i cannot laa..thats too much!"

and then he said

"just kidding... will you accept this baby tiger instead?"

of course i said
"i would love to but i already have 2 lazy cats.. i dont think i can take care of a baby tiger"

then ki bum said..

"well have this cute key chain instead"

so i said
"aww thank should'nt have"

and then he said
"its my pleasure"

"i also got the prettiest flower for the prettiest girl in the world!"

"for you"

i was shocked!
"ah.. i dont know what to say..thank you"

and then he said

"you dont need to thank me...your smile said it all"

okay this is over the top... wayy too much.. i should stop now before this goes any further..

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