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Assalamualaikum and hi~
here's my procrastinated hello to the new year

Hello 2014

apparently ..wheartit have disabled direct linking :(
looks like i have to upload the pictures manually from now on 

so... the previous semester, semester 3.. 
i only posted 3 posts?
hahaha no wonder i had such a suckish semester

throughout semester 3.. almost everyday... my classmates would ask
"nina, why do you look so tired/sad/ takde mood"

my blog have always been the place where i motivate myself
but during semester 3, i didn't update, neither did i tweet..
i cared too much about what people might think of me from my writings

with my saiko roomate who's always in the room, 
i couldn't talk to myself in the mirror as much anymore

so this time round .. here's my 2014 plan towards a happier me!

jap jap

dah sebulan lewat nak buat new year resolution?
peduli kau!

that's first on my list

to stop caring what i think people are thinking about me
because the fact is .. humans are selfish beings..
they think about themselves..
just like me, who often thinks of no one but myself
so from now on

i'll do what i want, the way i want it! and be happy!

(with, of course, my mother's approval because she usually knows best)

next is to go for what i want!! no matter how petty it is 

i want to buy myself a music player with strong battery to go jogging or simply walk somewhere

i want to wear that thing that i want to wear to class.. and everywhere

at the same time .. i want a hot body.. hahahahhaa and look like suzy

her body is too hot for my innocent blog.. mohon google sendiri ya!

get 4 flat at least once during degree
(aim for the stars .. so that when you fall you'll fall among the clouds...
no more reaching for the sky... i'm reaching for the whole bima sakti...milky wayy yo)
two more semesters to do so!!

and yeah this is exactly how motivation works...
you go over the top.. hoping that in reality you'd also would!

next, save and make money money for umrah next year!!
kalau boleh save skali untuk parents punya half

start some kind of business!
and prove to my mother... i'm 21 and i can do great things!!
i'll show you.. i promise!
i will make you proud
just like how you think that girl's mother in vietnam would be soo proud of her
and i'll show my busy body aunt what our family are capable of!

everything is easy when you're crazy
but nothing is easy when you're lazy 

go for it nina!!!
one step at a time!!
you'll get there..

even though my posts sounds the same
trust me... its not..
this time..
there's something more
wink2 ;)

 have a nice 2014 peeeeeeeeeps