Monday, December 27, 2010 @ 1:05 AM  0 stares
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow
creeps from this pretty pace from day to day...
jadi keje aku hafal the dead crow...

anyway... tomorrow is a very important day to many people of the country Earth!

me? : i have the law test ... driving thing.. i have no idea what it is exactly called

my neice : the day they'll go to a swimming pool!! YAY!!!

my father : he have to go to work again!!

some others : the start of their live in university.. big whoop!

well they deserve it! they were hard working and smart and got themselves offer to further their studies earlier than everybody else...

why? in mrsm theres this system where outstanding students can.. ah dlm bm.. boleh la gi U awal sket... namenye SPC... skim pelajar cemerlang...(untuk bdak2 mrsm yg skor elok time trial..) esok diorang start.. yg aku tahu ade yg dapat uitm shah alam.. cos? akaun... engineering blom agi.. tapi dlm minggu ni gak ar dpt keputusan... yg medic pown gitu.. so dlm masa terdekat ni maybe dah ade yg fly oversea....

begang aku menulis pasal bende ni... baik aku bace buku undang2.. chow!
pray for my success tomorrow.... ^^