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have you ever felt so worthless?

zits all over your face
expanding waistline
your face even feels rounder
no really..it looks like a character in roly poly ollie
when you look into the mirror and don't like what you see
without the influence of a talking mirror

when you go and print something
that turns out to cost more than you expected to
and you didn't bring enough money
and shamefully had to ask the nice lady
if you could possibly come and pay the rest tomorrow.

just when you finished a particular assignment
and someone informed you about the REAL guidelines for the assignment
and there are things that you have to change here and there
to change or not to change
changing would mean to print the whole thing all over again
or maybe i should just ignore it and let it be as it is
the tired feeling..'i dont want to look at it any more' feeling
and the feeling when you have to decide
deciding between the two...marks? or money?

just when you feel so "on the edge" with everyone
when every single thing that people do annoys you
when you feel so alone and want to go home
just when you feel that there's so much to do in so little time
can i finish it on time??? will i have time to do it???

that feeling when you're supposed to be working
but instead, you're updating your blog
just to let it off your chest
and that feeling when you have no idea whether your grammar usage is correct or not
writing.. writing .. but not knowing...

all of that feelings.. 

but then
someone comes along
and sprinkle a tiny portion of appreciation into your life
and all of the feelings fade away

you're even more motivated
your face is smiling
but still your heart is still pacing at a normal rate 

even when you realize that the "appreciation"  was not made specially for you
and that others got a taste of it too
you're still fine.. no anger.. no jealousy.. no love..

that is when you realize that sometimes 
you just need someone to show that they appreciate you
for the worthless, useless, hopeless, helpless person you are
so appreciate me for god's sake!!!

hahaha just kidding.. i'm fine now..
i have been feeling like this all week
honestly, i have never felt like this before..

(i have been feeling - present perfect progressive : for an action that started in the past and still continuing in the present for a specific duration, which emphasise on the fact that is still happening)
(i have never felt like this before- present perfect : indefinite time : clue word : NEVER)

maybe it's because of the hectic week i'm going through
and trust me... the hectic-ness would double every week until my finals

wish me luck..
no! you know what ..don't do that.. i don't need luck!
i need strength.. so pray for me
and give me food okaay!!


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