Thursday, May 31, 2012 @ 6:47 AM  4 stares

What we want to have VS What we have VS What we can have VS What we must have!

i want an apple laptop..
i have a dell laptop..
i can have an apple laptop someday
i must have any kind of laptop right now
conclusion : screw apple.. i love my dell ..its more than perfect for me!

i want to further my studies overseas
i think i'll get accepted into the country's public university but no idea what course just yet
i can always go to a local private university
i must have some where to further my studies
conclusion : screw overseas! i'll make sure that i'll get there someday..but now.. lets just wait for the upu!

i want to have someone that loves me more than i do
i have my family that i love more than myself
i can get a boyfriend any time if i wanted one... just not the perfect one..yet
i must never forget that nothing can replace the love of my family towards me
conclusion : screw boys..<3 family~

i want a new phone..with touch screen and stuff
i have a old fashioned sony erricson slide phone..
i can easily be fickle and rudely ask for a new phone
i must realize that all i do with a phone is : take pictures : text : and call ..
conclusion : my sliding sony is perfect for me! i'm not a touch screen gal anyway!

morning peeps... time for me to go to bed~
mood : insomnia-ish