Tuesday, May 8, 2012 @ 2:41 AM  4 stares
Tonight's mood : Turning Tables, Adele

Assalamualaikum~ :)  Hey, Hi, Hello~
so today, i'm going to be a little self-centred and talk about myself!

i'm the girl who often forget to say "assalamualaikum" when necessary
i can spend hours in front of the mirror talking to myself!
i'm the type of girl who laughs at her own jokes.. 5 days later!
smiles at her own text messages, because she's so damn funny
i can count on myself to cheer myself up

Last week...well.. a few days ago (since my previous post)..
i've been feeling down and confused with all of the mixed signals someone had been sending me
and still is  ..kind of..sort of... i don't know..

Fortunately, i've found my own cure for my bizarre illness :

i read what i was thinking about at this exact time of year last year
and it was the "positive, witty, don't need no guy" nina
so, nicely done 2011 nina!! you are awesome!!

hahaha and you know what?
the post that i cheered me up the most is this :