Sunday, April 29, 2012 @ 2:02 AM  4 stares

Hey you!!
what have you done to my mind??
no really!.. now i'm really wondering...
What on earth did i think about all the time
before you came into my life?

My older sister came back home
i had my MEDSI test
accidentally wore my shoes on the wrong foot
and now one of my foot got melecet
( i have no idea how to describe that in english)
i ate almost everything in the world

met a lot of people at the mall today
hide hide hide
laugh laugh laugh
gossip gossip gossip
screamed, yelled, shout

dance in the middle of a crowd
i literally did.. and got hit by my sister ..
she claimed it was embarrassing
i had 'no idea' what  on earth is she talking about XD

eat eat eat
watched tv
stalk stalk stalk

i basically lived my life to it's fullest!

but.. somehow.. i still feel like the highlight of my day is still missing
well i guess it came early in the morning
but........ :( hmmmphh

i'm soo tired!
is it because of my hectic day?
or is it because i miss you too much that it wore me out!