Wednesday, April 18, 2012 @ 1:45 AM  3 stares
today, i realized something
when i say to myself "i'm going to eat properly"
i end up eating my heart out!!

i have noo i dea why! since my siblings came back home
i've been eating like crazy
i cannot control it at all!!

arggh!! i wanted to blame my parents and my siblings
for bringing home that "hungry aura"
but then i remember that quote from "the fault in our stars"

the fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves

when i think about it.. it is really all my own fault!
 i was weak.
no one forced me!
i simply gave in to temptations

its just crazy.. i even eat the things i don't usually like

epal for breakfast?
nice start! :)

"lunch" bihun tomyam segera
i dont like "segera food" but it was nice
(i even thought to have seconds)

with that bihun i had - cold kfc chicken
i hatee eating cold food that are supposed to be eaten hot

RIGHT AFTER that: 10 butter cookies
i love them.. but 10?? right after a bowl of bihun sup?

 right after that too : 1 kurma??
honeslty, i would only touch those during ramadhan
so just imagine how much i just wanted to eat

AGAIN...right after that : Keropok sira??
500 calories? all by myself??

like 2 hours later ? : nasik ayam pedas?
What is wrong with you!!

again.. 2 hours later : 3 large Popia +  3 large banana roll??
 in the middle of the night??
a big no no .. especially when i have to wake up super early the next day and couldn't possible burn all of those calories in a few hours before i go to bed

and that's what i ate today..
well i guess i didn't eat THAT much
hahahhaha who am i kidding sudah terang lagi bersuluh..sgt melantak!!

strange thing is... i still feel like eatingg!!!
everything looks soo appetizing!! even SALAD looks soo HEAVENLY!

nasik  goreng ngan kacang panjang pn kelihatan sgtt bessstt!!

warghhhh i'm going crazy!!

i bet snsd don't eat 10 butter cookies, 6 popia in the middle of the night, a bowl of bihun tomyam, nasik ayam pedas, a kurma and 500 calories worth of keropok sira all in one day and end up with that kind of body!

i bet they've never had durian
pity them

so anyway.. i'm just going to wing it!!
i'm going out with my friend tomorrow so i'll eat what i feel like eating...
!!screw it all!!!

ehh no no ...
i have to keep in mind that
1 kg is really easy to gain..but really hard to shed!

so no pressure..
one simple thing to follow tomorrow : no food after 8PM!

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