Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 10:30 PM  3 stares

is not seen... it is felt
it is something that make your heart flutter
fills your stomach with imaginary butterflies
heats up your head and your heart when you're jealous

no appetite 
sleep..don't need them
mandi? tak basah punye lahh

and i believe that it is a kind of catalyst 
which makes your brain pour out endless inspiration.. 
even when you're heart and mind is occupied by that one stupid guy

and with all of that said
lets see what i'm going through

Inspiration : NONE!
Appetite : NOT SO MUCH!
Sleep : TOO MUCH 
Stomach : BERONA
Head : CUTE!

oh yeah.. let me just end this post with a story
wherever i go.. one of the first things that people would think about me :
"she must already have a boyfriend... maybe even 2.. or 3"

just like when i went to sungai petani with my friend
her friend, asked her "nina tu xde boyfren ke?"
and then.. my friend answered "xde.. x pernah ade.."
and then her friend said "ehhh...tipu??"

well, i don't know if the conversation went down exactly like that
but my friend said to me something like
"nina.. lydia tanya.. nina ada gewe doh ko.. pastu dio x cayo nina xdok gewe"

and then the next day..
the mother of the friend of my friend kept on asking me weird questions
and kept on looking at me from that front mirror of the car
(the oblong one.. hanging in the middle of the car)
i sensed that she told her mother about me and even her mother didn't believe it!

so i've decided on the perfect answer if people ask me whether i'm single or not
hahaha that ought to shut them up! :P

hahaha and that's it from nina~ cyaa!
(i guess i'm more inspired than i thought!)