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i love my sister.. the older one!
well i love the younger one too but right now i love my older sister more ..
well i love them equally but.. arghh let just continue

what did she do to make me love her soo much right now?

Once upon a time.. in a land where the cats take control..
(ignore the thing about the cats)

i was chating with my gewe.. my gewe asked me to watch haru2 parody (which was hillarious).. so i started watching parodies of korean videos .. too many too list lah

there i found out ..snsd have more ANTI than any other idols.. even AHyooME/ayumi lee's cutie honey video has an anti snsd parody.. but even with those parodies i'm still an equal fan of every korean idol group..girl or boy .. it doesnt matter anymore.. i am no longer a fanatic fan girl of boybands.. just your average fangirl next door... (average for people online lah.. if compared to normal people i'm not that average)

ok ok back to the my story.. i was watching all that and then i found wondergirls keroro cf (commercial film)... and i watch it like 3 or 4 version of it ..try watching one


here's some other version of keroro cf
version 2
version 3
soo hee is soo cute!
no wonder hee chul wants to be her

here's one more cf i want to share..
wondergirls have a new member! form china!

ok after i watch all that stuff

but 12 o'clock~ bam! my older sister send an sms :
happy anniversary!..nk psp!...
warna pink!

(thats how she talks.. when i get pmr 8A she asks for a psp also.. when its my parents birthday she ask for a psp.. thats all she says)

i thought to myself " eh harini ko? 31 doh ko? hwaaaaa..uso... gano nie?..huh.. control2.. "

and then i watch shinee magic dance .. how come i didnt know about the magic dance last year?

the magic dance is shinee's dance .. they fit into any kind of song.. you can search shinee magic dance.. it works with ANY song i tell you.. from dbsk mirotic to wondergirls nobody n irony.. it even fit with super junior and lots more .. try and watch (maybe you have already)

shinee magic dance - snsd gee gee gee gee

shinee magic dance - super junior U

it even fits english song!
Shinee magic dance - Jonas brothers burning up

and it fits very very very well
(download noona nomu yepuh to try with hello project song.. lets see if its really magic)


and then my dad was "full" so i went down stairs and fry some burgers and friends and some round thing..

when i was cooking.. i cried! i cant believe i actually forgot that its already the 31st.. i cant believe i forgot to buy present! i cant believe i didnt buy presents at kelantan!


soo i cook cook cook... and then make hot chocolate.. and then i start message-ing with my sister..

i said i didnt buy presents.. she said its okay she'll buy it when she come back next week.. and then bla bla bla too private to write... after that i said i feel like crying for not buying.. and then she said ..."you already said at kelantan that you dont know what to buy right? so its okay lah.. eh you said you want the shoes like mine..what size?"

OMG! she's buying me shoes!! .... that really cheered me up!.. but still feel like crying.. after that i found out that she's taking a day off to send me off to mrsm (IF i get to go)...that really made me happy.. she is soo kind! a shoe and a day off to send me off.. soo sweet~~ i dont need a boyfriend with a sister like this ... kieh3

hahah right now i'm more interested in shinee magic dance .. going to try with buono! song ..and then hey say jump... lets see how magic it can be!

ah before i forget.. just for my own record so that i wont forget.. _______ bithday is on 22 of feburuary ... he's born at kedah... kieh3...

i forgot my parents anniversary but i remember his birthday?... haizzz... i'm the worst.. but who cares.. i'm going to make it up to them tomorrow.. i'll buy them a persent or buy them dinner.. i have enough money to do both.. but then i wont have enough money for myself.. stay tune ladies and gentlemen and see what will i do tommrow~..

ahhh homework !!!!!!!!!!!!!.... kids .. please dont delay your homework.. you'll end up in trouble... REAL BIG TROUBLE!..ahhh! i just remember we have to hand in history note book when school opens!! taihen desu!!!!!! help mee!!

i should stop typing now even though theres like a zillion things to write... hahah i'll save it for the times i'm bored.. i will have something to write for a change.. bye bye for now ..

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