Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 4:07 AM  0 stares
Once upon a time in a far far away land.. lived a beautiful marble eyed princess.. she loves to eat a pastry called chocolate marble..she's always fascinated by the unique colors in a marble.. her enchanting castle is made out of marble.. apparently, she's a marble freak!

hahaha.. this has nothing to do with anything.. but sounds kind of cute huh?

this blog's Marble Eyed owner is happy again!
  1. new layouut!! waaaaaa.. i cannot stand looking at the sundae from my previous layout! it just make my appetite grow!
  2. it was my first time behind the wheels! i actually made the car move! the instructors keep on scolding me because i drive too fast! hahaha
  3. Tireed! .. it was my first time driving and i had to stay there from morning till dawn (well almost)...exhausted and grumpy i tell you!
  4. my nose!! not pretty... i was trind to get rid of the black head and white head... it worked all right .. but it cause me my pretty nose! humph! because of my "hard work", some kind of rash suddenly appear~~! mummmmy!!
and thats about it!... editing this layout took a few hours all right.. now i just want to go and lay down..besides, this computer keep on shutting down by itself for to reason so i better shut it down before it shut down on me again!