Saturday, January 22, 2011 @ 4:15 PM  7 stares
i hate it
when i try soo hard to forget about something
and indulge myself in my own world
and i was laughing without any worries what so ever
the thing i tried to let go comes back and glued itself onto my mind!
its going to take days even weeks to get it out again!!
why does it have to go on like this...

i've had a hard time trying to for get about a person..
everyday, hoping he'll approve my fb request (hahaha)
just when i've decided that it didnt matter
and just when thought i''ve forgotten about that person
that person shows up in my dream
i'm confused of my feelings
but more importantly : i'm mad because he interrupted my sleep!!!!

when i hear about someones feelings about me
it made me think..i thought about it too much until i get paranoid with myself
just when i've decided to stop to care about what people feel about me
that person comes back and make me think again and again
my heart beat rate increases so suddenly
but more importantly : i'm mad because he interrupted me watching Oh My School!

Can i NOT think about that?
its really disturbing!
i want to enjoy my SPM holidays without heartache and more importantly HEADACHE!
I DONT NEED A LOVER..I DONT NEED A MAN (except my father)
i have more than enough love from my family and friends..
but thanks for the offer!...i'm really flattered!