Monday, January 24, 2011 @ 1:16 AM  4 stares

i'm soo happy :)

sleeping..shower...eating...sleeping...eating... wash my face..eating... online.. television...sleeping

30% of my day i sleep
30% of my day i eat
20% of my day i take care of my hygiene
20% of my day i enjoy myself

in between those stuff and also during the activities above..
  • i daydream my heart out!
  • i talk to my self!
and last but definitely not least :

i look into the mirror

and say
"mirror mirror on the wall..
just so you know, I'm the prettiest girl in the world.."

hahaha.. dont really say it out loud.. just in my heart!
i'm afraid the mirror will break if i say that out loud..

god i seriously need to find something better to do!..haha..
in the mean time, i'll stick to my current routine!

i'm lovin it!