Saturday, April 9, 2011 @ 1:40 AM  2 stares
Your Survival Guide to Life : How to Get Sick!

  1. Sleep from 7pm-10pm... and stay up though the next day
  2. Eat to stay energized ..
  3. stay up some more to burn the fat you just consumed
  4. officially get sick!
yes.. i did all of those things
yesterday i sleep around maghrib until 10 oclock.. when i woke up i took a really long shower until it was 11.. and then i ate RICE!... so after that i couldn't sleep just yet.. i went online until...4.. after that i start to watch television and theni couldnt sleep until it was 6.. i pretended to sleep while my parents we're getting ready to go out.. when they were out i woke up and watched tv until it was 10.. and had a shower and after that i brought down the dishes and cleaned them up.. fold the clothes and and hang a new set of clothes.. and went upstairs and ate RICE!(with pringles).. then it was 11 so i went online and them my parents came home with RICE so i ate them.. (with a kuey) after that i drink cofee and start to iron my little sister's uniform and then i went online... after that i got prepared to go out and sat in the car for almost an hour .. after that we went to a restaurant but this time i didn't eat rice i ate "MUSHROOM SOUP, GARLIC BREAD, WEDGES... and maybe a few spoon of RICE!......and then we went walking around and it was already 5 o clock.. so we went to mcdonals and bought 1 set of double cheese burger and 2 sets of chicken and a mcflurry oreo.. i a few spoons of that mcflurry oreo + fries .. after sending my sister off we went to parkson and window shopped.. and then we got back into the car and its already maghrib... so we head home.. once we arrived i got online and washed my self off and pray... and then i was 9 o'clock.. i was so tired..  i ate my DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER and dozed 10 my parents woke me up and ask me to eat RICE..(that somehow magically appear in my life) and i ate them anyway + a sip of coffe... whew....

now i'm too full to sleep.. i'm too full to do anything and its alreay 1.35 am..  so that means i've been awake for about 27 hours and counting...and i feel like i'm getting sick.. so in 27 hours i've eaten RICE =4TIMES... A BURGER... AND MUSHROOM SOUP, GARLIC BREAD, WEDGES, PRINGELS , KUEY, MCFLURRY OREO, FIRES, AND COFFEE....

this must not be healthy... i'm going to fast next week! this is getting me sick!

(too tired to whip up a pretty post)

You can Do It! 
(just incase i can't come online for a few days)