Thursday, April 7, 2011 @ 2:54 AM  0 stares
Sing the happy happy happy happy happy song..spongebob...

just know i checked out something random 
that was based on my birth month.. brithday date.. and the color of shirt that i'm wearing
so what i got was "aku keluar dating, dgn spongebob, sbb aku tak tahan"
 hahaha ... so cutee!

so.. today's activity.. layan lagu lagi...
today's featured artist is Selena Gomez!..

haha her songs doesn't really wow me but sometimes they can hypnotize me..
like that shake it up song from disney channel
at first i thought "what the kitty is this song"
and as ALOT of time goes by my mouth keep on singing
"bring the light up.. bust the doors down..dust yourself off.. shake it up..shake it up!"

and there's this one

selena did a cover of nikki minaj - super bass!.. she made me like that song!

i would be crazy if i only listen to selena gomez for the whole night..
my mother made me search for bollywood songs! but they were all too sexy!
i was embarrassed to watch.. so i search for spanish/latin songs.. but all i found was rap..
so i decided to watch sonny with a chance on disney channel

after that i was cruising tumblr for pretty pictures while listening to someone else's playlist
i guess my "anything and everything goes" attitude still not wearing off..
every song i heard made me dance~! haha it really did..

but when i was having this "anything and everything goes" attitude ..
 i've been having some unpleasant flashback from 2008-2010..
it made me think.. "why on earth did i endure and hold in everything that i did"

it also made me think

people always remember the bad things we did too them
but never remember the bad things they did to us..
at the end of the day we're the bad guys to them
when actually the things they've done to us is much worst..

what do i care.. as far as i know
they are the ****** ..not me
muahahahhaa..(biarlah terma rahsia itu saya sahaja yg tahu)

anyway i've decided to just put all that aside and hope that everyone lives happily ever after..
baik kan saye?.. hehe *gedik