Sunday, April 10, 2011 @ 3:17 AM  2 stares

yesterday was just some kind of indigestion.. haha...
i re-read what i wrote.. i sound like i was dying!haha
anyway today i am still soo full... 
when i eat breakfast/lunch.. i couldnt finish the last piece of chicken
when i eat dinner i only took meat.. and i only add a little bit of rice..
but for snack i ate 2 chocolates! .. haha

i was thinking about couple-ing the whole day..
but after that 2 chocolates i'm all okay
i guess all i need was producing that hormone..
nooo not oestrogen or that kind of hormones..that is just creepy..
its the hormones our brain produce when we fall in love
that hormone can also be obtain from eating chocolates..

haha... other that the 2 piece of chocolates
my friends were extra good to me today!
maybe not extra good..they were okay i guess..
one of them wasn't really sincere while talking to me but it i don't hate her

my sister also told me about her super complicated love life..
which made me appreciate the simple life i have going on!
and completely erased my desire to have a boyfriend.
and hopefully everything falls into its place when the time is right.

my best friend on the other hand is the best!
i can talk to her just about anything.. love yaa!  muahh!