Tuesday, April 12, 2011 @ 3:42 AM  2 stares
well you dump dumped me and you bet i felt it.. 

i have no idea why but i am crazy about the song "I'm Yours"
it makes me feel happy.. like i'm on a vacation at an exotic island!

listen to this talented kid..

other than him i've been listening to other version of "i'm yours"
acoustic versions! and now i'm addicted to it!
now i feel like singing it and uploading it on youtube!
NO! nina nooo!!... don't do that.. you can't sing!

in other news..
i think i'm supposed to be confused by some mixed messages  a certain someone is sending me
but surprisingly i'm not.. and that is good!

when i thought about it
and i research about it
and i rethink about it
i can conclude that
my decisions didn't fail me this time
i don't regret a thing
and i'm not willing to go back to December and change my own mind
because i'm sure i made the right decision.