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i love the holidays
being around my family
enjoying every moment
eating - every second
shopping for hours
sleeping for almost forever
being me 24/7

random pic : don't you think she looks a little like mischa barton.. from the OC

so i'm enjoying the holidays..
homework?... don't worry, they're still sleeping soundly in my bag...

a few days ago.. my parents made me think about my future
which still haunts me till today..
which made me think
what? where? how? when? can i?


this situation made me realise one thing

throwing your worries in the air may be the worst idea in the world
because after you "throw" them.. they'll fall back onto the ground ...scattered
you'll have to look for them, pick them up, figure out a way to solve them , and lastly : solve them!

which brings us to my next topic
(simply because i stumbled upon this picture when i was surfing weheartit)

when i saw this picture .. i was like "ehhhhhhhhhhhhh...tmpat ni..it exists?!!!"
i dreamt about this place a long time ago...when i was in elementary school
the place looked exactly like the picture above
its a little creepy..but maybe i saw it on disney or something.

in that dream i was standing in the middle of the bridge ...
i felt the wind rustling through my face!!
even my eyeballs felt the wind!!!
i saw the inviting clear- green-blue river or what ever that is
it was soo inviting that i felt like jumping off that bridge

and there you go... my holidays are awesome so far.. i've been eating non stop.. i haven't touched my homework yet but really should get started because i really want to go overseas ( i think parents would really like that too).. and i just found out that a place i dreamt about actually exists...what else is new?..hahaha

have a nice life peeps...

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