Friday, December 30, 2011 @ 2:54 AM  2 stares
i can draw!.. 
eh wait.. i can draw??...
everything i draw usually turns into karipap!!

well almost
it actually looks decent for once!

(click or hover/put you mouse over the picture for better view) 

who is she? koharu kusumi! japanese idol (a.k.a artist)
my sister keep calling my drawing "linda jasmin" and "jasmin hasmid"
hahah my drawing no longer turns into karipap
but transforms japanese idol into malaysian celebrities

if you're wondering why i'm suddenly drawing
well its because one of my little sister's homework is drawing a portrait 
she drew kim yuna... and then iu..
and then she refuses to draw girls with big eyes because she said its hard
so i wanted to prove that its easy.. even i can do it!
(not really prove, i just felt like drawing)

if i have the courage and some patience, i'll colour it..
just look at her am i suppose to colour that in one night..
and courage?? i'm afraid i might ruin the drawing ...its like sacrificing a life!
sometimes less is more... but i'm not sure if this is the case...
but for now.. i want to enjoy my black and white drawing

the original picture....
i didn't draw her hands...i tried and they looked like choki-chocki
so i improvised!

my homework???..... 
they keep on hitting the "snooze" button and 
they refuse to get up from their deep slumber in my comfortable pink bag~
tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.. 
creeps from this petty pace from day to day
and then he saw a dead crow in the drain near the post office
along with a bag of homework.. 

enjoy your year-end holiday peeps...!! :)
don't forget your homework!

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