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haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! pikir pelik2 lah tu... 
him sape him?.... 
my father... and mother of course.. 
i've been dreaming of them for 2 nights in a row now

but other than that.. i also miss him soooo very muchh!!!
(but less than my parents for sure.. because i'm dreaming of them.. not him)

you might be more familiar with his other song entitled beautiful soul

i love all of his songs... beautiful soul, just so you know, she's no you, good life, body language..
and the list goes on and on and on..

he is nothing like justin bieber..
first, he's a dude... justin is..err
but still i have to admit that justin looks kind of handsome lately...
okay..lets stop comparing.. i'm getting sick writing about justin bieber

i really miss disney movie stuck in the suburbs.. i love brenda song and danielle panabaker
you can see from that movie (and jesse's music video) that it was the "denim-style" era...
denim jacket tu paling xleh blah..even my older sister was crazy about it back then..
i had one it is folded neatly in my wardrobe...
don't expect me to ever wear it was like 5 sizes ago and denim jacket is a big NO NO nowadays!
you'll look like a "hippie" if you wear that to the mall...
but style and history repeats themselves.. so lets wait and see whether the style will be back in
who knows right?!

denim style2.0.. hahahhaa sounds tacky...

Nina 3.0?... oh gosh... i have to change again...
when i think about it .. i don't want to change.. i like the person i am
overly sensitive? - that's fine..i'm a girl.. i'm supposed to be..
 completely spoiled?  -  you have a problem with that?.
boring overload? - well, i guess you don't know me that well

i read an article on " how to be the most interesting person you know"
(yes... i read that kind of things.. you have a problem with that?...well, at least i READ!!)
and most of it says things like "do the opposite that you ALWAYS do"
and "do the thing that you told yourself you would NEVER do"
be LOUD... be CRITICAL bla bla bla
write about things you would never normally write about because normal is boring

well, i read another article... about a research...
they gather a group of guys and ask them to rate a bunch of girls picture
and surprisingly, the one that looks "average" got higher ratings compared to those who were "hot"
and they concluded that being AVERAGE is ATTRACTIVE

so from both of the articles i've done some synthesising and concluded that
(applying what we learn in writing class)

its exactly like katy perry's song
"you change your mind, like a girl changes clothes"

hahaha have a nice life peeps~

p/s : did you know the longest part of writing a blog post is looking for the pictures..
the ideas to write pours out endlessly but the pictures still wont load... haha

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