Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 9:13 PM  3 stares
this week which is the second week of the AWESOME sem 2.... 
i honestly feel like a living corpse especially in class... (mayat hidup)

i feel really sick... and my head feels really heavy.. i feel like resting my head on everything i see
everything i eat i feel like puking.. but still  i have to eat so that i can take some medicine... i sneeze like crazy when i'm in class... but not when i'm outside of the class..go figure! face is breaking out.. i think i'm allergic to something.. but i have no idea what... prawn? meat? i couldn't even trace because i ate too much when i was i penang

my response towards people are ... how do i put it positively... LOW!.. haha... everything i say leads to an awkward moment ... that "krik2" kind of feeling.. and i have absolutely no idea how to overcome it

and even if i'm in the middle of the 2 people... that 2  people would be talking about me as if i'm not there... again.. go figure..

but  no matter how horrible i'm feeling right now... i realized a few things

no matter how horrible life can be at the moment, just think about all the times life had been good to you...

no matter how mean people can be to you... just think about those who were really nice to you

no matter how sick you are... just think about how you never really appreciated your health when you were healthy.. 

and above it all.. treat people like you want them to treat you...soon enough they will..
(and i have to figure out how to do so)

oh yeah.. one more thing.... korean dramas can be really helpful to release most of your tension
so keep them in your laptop and watch only when you feel down.. if not you'll run out of dramas