Tuesday, November 22, 2011 @ 4:40 PM  6 stares
turn it on.. turn it off... what's the difference~?

well like everybody else on my dashboard.... sem 2 sudaaaaaa~!!!....

i tried to think positive .. but negative thoughts keeps on possessing me....

i'm soo depressed after class that i eat the whole packet of chipsmore without even realising it ....
 tgk2.. eh abeh dah.. aduii

i tried to talk to people... but i feel soo awkward around new people.. i guess i'm just too used to being around my group of friends in class and the group of friends from my dorm.. i can only talk normally and comfortably around them... waaaa i miss you guys now that were no longer in the same room and the same class

and also maybe its because we've been home for to long...
when i talk to my parents and family, i can literally talk gibberish and they'll understand it perfectly..
sometimes.. i dont even need to say anything.. just with smiling it can convey 100 different words
so now, when i need to un-gibber and stop responding with just smiling .. my mouth feels really heavy...
and i have absolutely have nothing funny to say...and i'm not even funny to begin with

back when i was in form 4.. i was like this too... i needed at least 3 weeks to be friendly again after spending soo much time at home... 

aduhaiiiiiiii but .. nevertheless, i will still try as hard as i can everyday to TALK and get used to my new classmates and my new "fixed position in class".. 

you know what!  i've had it with the back seat! 
next time... i'll sit in front! no matter what!
well if i'm early that is...i'm early enough as it is.. its just that, they're ealiER than me...

so anywayyy last night i saw geek charming (downloaded)

it fixed my mood for a while 
the movie is like a mixture of disney movies
it reminded me of wendy wu, and cowbelle and more too many to list .. but still its good.. 
its the classic disney movie! .. no twins.. no superstar.. no wizards ..no ninjas.. just humans 
and the movie is simply just classic high school love story popular love geek.. waaaaaa

although the guy reminds me of justin bieber in the begining of the movie
at the end of the movie, he looks a kot like  ashraf muslim! wahaha i have no idea how on earth they did they
ashraf muslim and justin bieber is 2 different THINGS people
i love his face "bone stucture" soo  handsome..


wahh i feel better already...ms.laptop and ms.wifi sure knows how to make my day!
i love youu guyss like a love song~ muahhs