Friday, December 16, 2011 @ 1:49 AM  4 stares
Osoi Osoi Osoi
osoi is japanese for the word late (or so i think it is..)

well today i was late for class... and during that class, my lecturer was supposed to be evaluated..
so just try and IMAGINE!

i was the LATE-EST... latest! hahaha the most LATE one or how ever you put it...

being late is nothing new to me..
but today had got to be the most embarrassing "late" moment of my life

so... because i was upset.. i ate

nasi + ikan
ice cream
my friend's pringles
koey teow tom yam
my friend's nasi goreng sikit + milo
burger ayam at midnight

wahhh sgt melantak...
 so moral of the story..... don't be late
or you'll eat yourself to death

late is better than never
but never late is better!