Saturday, March 31, 2012 @ 4:14 AM  1 stares
in the near fyucha... (future)

i want to go to starbucks again and buy something like this
instead of that hot chocolate i had last time
(although it was awesome and i got addicted to any kind of hot chocolate after that)

with that latte with caramel or hazelnut topping...
i want to taste that hot and tasty original rotiboi!!

i dont want buttermilkboi.. i dont want mochaboi
i want the original one!!

later in the fyucha

i want to continue my studies overseas..
but first.. i need to find a way to make that happen

if i could not make it happen, i guess i would be furthering my studies in
um? usm? uitm? upsi? : taking tesl / tesol

if that doesn't work out either ?..uitm.. MASSCOM?
what the fish?
hahaha.. well i was filling out the UPU
and asked my mother's opinion..
because i believe in the saying

i asked my mother : maaa.. nk amik gapo nihhh..pilihan ke 4.. lastt....keno isi..cepatt!
my mother dearest : pilih laa..nina yg nk amik..mama suh amik bio kang!
me :  hahaha boleh jah.. nina nk kan bio haritu(lepas spm).. mama yg x bgi..tpi skarang xleh doh laa.. lain2...
mother dearest: baca2 ape option yg ade

me : seni reka..blablablablablablabla... Pengajian Islam? (awkward pause) kikiki~
mother : hah mujur jgok kalo nina amik pengajian islam.. 
me : Ohh~~!!... haritu pn nina tanyo doh pengajian islam.. mama ckp xpayah
mother : hahahahhaa...nk baca jawi pn x lepas.. hahahhahaha (gelak kejam)

so i went on.. reading the list of options one by one..untill....
me :komunikasi massa - kewartawanan, penyiaran, blablabla
mother : HAA! gapo tuh?? menarik jah
me: komunikasi massa?.. masscom ahh.. 
mother : HAA!! nina boleh ahh.. jadi wartawan mcm Miso (watak dlm citer korea she's currently watching)

me : HAAA??? serius nih??
mother : Haa laa!!... 
me : bukan papa x bagi ko??? 
mother : bukan papa yg nak amik... 
me : hahaha... sungguh nih?? so nk amik yg mano nih?? kewartawanan? penyiaran? 
mother : kewartawanan ..diorg pn tulis berita tu kan? mcm journalist la kan?
me : sungguh niihh???....(tekan..lalu send... dgn perasaan terkejut that still lasts until now)

but i guess shouldn't be surprised
my parents are acting really weird lately
well i guess the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree XD

...lets appreciate them for their unique qualities...
they are indeed one of  a kind ...
i love my parents! 
and without my awesome parents
i wouldn't be as awesome as i am today
....nite peeps....