Friday, March 16, 2012 @ 11:45 PM  1 stares

i love writing... 
back in school i used to score the highest when i write about the things that i can relate to the most
my english teacher..teacherS... adored me!
i may not have the bombastic vocab or the perfect grammar
but my writing always manage to touch their hearts ~<3
well not really.. 
i'm just fortunate to have teachers who have the same soul as mine..

some like the writing because of the writer
some like the writer because of their writing
i consider myself as the 2nd group of writer! XD
i get liked because of my writing
english teachers usually do not notice me at first 
they tend to like those "outspoken" and "talkative" "pretty" students
but after a few exam, i'm their favourite student!
true story XD

but now.. essay writing is not that simple any more
you have to have thesis statement, supporting detail, small conclusion and etc 
and talk about abortion.. and  discipline problems..and single mothers

and you have to determine what type of essay you're writing
cause - effect essay
comparison - contrast essay
argumentative essay
expository essay???

if're screwed!
and you'll have to have citation and neat presentation and whatnot

tomorrow i shall write about my experience watching smtown concert live in france
nooooo.. i didn't go to the concert
i downloaded it last night..
and watched it a few hours ago

and now..i'm hungry...
nahh .. i'm just bored..
i'll eat tomorrow!
wish me luck!

#exam on a that awesome or what?