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Turn over a new leaf.

-to begin again, fresh; to reform and begin again.
(on turning to a fresh page. The leaf is a page—a fresh, clean page.)
Example :
I have made a mess of my life. I'll turn over a new leaf and hope to do better. Why don't you turn over a new leaf and surprise everyone with your good characteristics?

i say
Lets turn that LEAF and get it over with!!!!!

so, lets apply what we had learnt in college study skills :

1. Set Goals
2. Don't Procrastinate
3. Minimize Distractions
4.Monitor Progress
5.Overcome Challenges
6. Reward Yourself

**~*~*~*My Goal~*~*~**

First : I want to be as hot as Miranda Kerr!!
no no..wanting is nice but...being is better so,
I will be as hot as Miranda Kerr

(hahah this is my blog.. i don't need to excuse myself)

sweet yet still hot!! just look at her dimples!!
not hot enough? google her pictures and see for yourself!
its too censored for my "innocent" blog

**~*~*~*Say NO to Procrastination~*~*~**

yoshhh.. it starts right now right here
sitting down?? .... fidget!...move!...sit up straight!
drink a lot of water
eat a lot fruits
be in a relationship with veggies
no sugar.. no snack
eat full healthy meals!
no food after 8!
2 hours of "activity" everyday
sleep early!
wake up before subuh and shower!

**~*~*~*Minus Distraction~*~*~**

I asked my little sister to change my fb password!
as a part of my effort to minimize distraction

lately, i found myself constantly logging in and logging out of facebook
hoping for something
longing, and going crazy over it
so... the best solution is to... deactivate!

but .. i don't want to deactivate it completely
that would be such a "drama queen move"
besides, i could end up activating it again!
and then it hit me : if i don't know my password, i couldn't do anything with it any more could i? XD

**~*~*~*Monitor Progress*~*~**

well.... monitoring my progress?
no way on earth am i going to "monitor" it on my blog

i have this planner thinggy .. so i could use that to record and see where am i heading and stuff!
specifically : the list of thing that i eat, my weight, my personal health status and so on
but.. when i feel like miranda kerr.. i'll definitely gloat about it here in my dear blog!
don't you worry

**~*~*~*Overcoming Challenges*~*~**

this one i don't think its a problem!
it is more 'practical'
whether i do it or not!
whether i stick to it or not!
whether i want it or not!

i want it so i'll do it and i'll stick to it!! 
this is not a diet! this is a new lifestyle! 
a healthier one towards a happier life! 
no binge anorexic.. no bulimic 
i will still eat rice and chicken and mcdonals!
just in a healthier way!

remember :
being thin does not guarantee happiness!

but from my point of view, when you've reached your goal weight,
the clothes will fit you better, you'll feel more comfortable 
your confidence will gradually increase

when you are fit - no health risks
you can run free with no worries
no need to carry medication around!
no more semput2 when you're playing tag

thus - happier life! 

**~*~*~*Reward Yourself!*~*~**

and the end of the day
the journey is what matters, the goal is really just a big PLUS!

that feeling you get when people see you and say : 
"WOW! who are you and what have you done with the old you?"
"how on earth did you get this hot?"
"i'm sorry that i didn't accept your friend request..will you marry me?"
and that feeling when you answer "no way.. loser"
XD kekekekekekekkee

no lahhh no thatt..hahahaha
when you look back and think of what you had gone trough to get where you are!
what you had gone trough that changed your life and possibly added a few years to your life!
that will be the the greatest reward of all

so pray for my  for me!!
my cuteness XD hahaha
and last but definitely not least my result.. my medsi and the place where i'll be furthering my studies to!
nite peeeepssss and peepetts