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Ever since i went to that book fair in Kuantan.. 
i have been addicted to an activity that i usually frown upon!

so far i have finished reading :

How to Talk to Anyone
Why Men Marry Bitches
Andai Itu Takdirnya
Awak Suka Saya Tak
The Fault in Our Stars

so today i'm going to write about 
by John Green

its a book that i feel like reading over and over again
a book that fits my soul
a book full of randomness that i love as much as reading my own blog!
at some point.. i felt like i unconsciously wrote that book! XD

John Green included a few poems that i know which was awesome
The red wheelbarrow by William Carlos William
a poem by Emily Dickinson
a quote from Shakespeare 
"the fault my dear are not in the stars but in ourselves" 
and a lot moree~

they (the characters in the novel) went to Amsterdam 
which is one of the place I long to go
the description of Amsterdam was just beautiful

and don't get me started about the characters!
its not the typical "beautiful heroin with a tongue twisting name that even the lamp post has a crush on" 

her name is simple : Hazel Grace!
 and she has thyroid cancer
she loves reading..and full of random comments!

the hero? : Augustus Waters!
he has.. one foot!.. and heart cancer? 
but he's completely charming! 
a good friend... and  he is as random as Hazel is!
sometimes...even more random!!

together : they are a random and weeet couple!!!
the even made the word "okay"  sound so flirtatious

like i said before.. i feel as if i unconsciously wrote that novel!
they way john green writes reminds me of my own writing!!
no really! hahaha..  so out of place! so random! simply crazy and somehow speaks to me!

i love  this one scene when hazel wore a t-shirt with a drawing of a pipe an saying 'this in not a pipe'... hazel explain to her mother that it is really not a pipe! its the drawing of a pipe!!

after that..when she met augustus ..he points at her shirt and said "funny"
and the she randomly said "don't call my boobs funny!"
her mom interrupts "i'm right here!"

wahhh  i feel like re-writing the whole novel!!
every inch of it is a masterpiece!!

and theres another one where augustus started to praise himself
with hazel backing up his randomness

something like this : augustus so handsome that it blinds people
in fact his friend isaac literally went blind because of him
(isaac had eye cancer and lost his sight)
and augustus is so charming that his charms takes hazel breath away!
(hazel had somekind of lung cancer.. so she has difficulty in breathing)

the novel is filled with MAD RANDOMNESS i tell you!!
and also morals.. and its very 'human' even though its completely fiction XD

ahahahah.. okay .. a post filled with spoilers but its okay!
i can assure you there are plenty left to spazz about!!!
read it!!! read it!! read it!!

i am definitely buying all of john green's work!!

another thing that i love is this video!
it is soo beautiful!...
simple... but.. gorgeous!!
natalie portman and johnny depp! both of them!
i like how the video came together
i have no idea why i like watching the video soo much

..stella mccartney designed the video..
did you know
stella mccartney is paul mccartney's daughter???
honestly, i had no idea~

have a nice life peeps~!