Monday, August 24, 2009 @ 12:53 AM  0 stares
even though g-dragon kind of freaks me out...
but i have to admit, his song heart breaker is not as scary as i expect it would be...
but still.. that white hair of his has got to go!!

i do.. haha.. i'm not getting married but somebody in that song is..
well how am i suppose to know..i'm not korean
but the piano in there (the song in my blog) is nice dont you think?

back to gdragon..
♫you're my heart heart heart heart breaker ♫
yo're my moon moon moon moon racker
hahaha moon raker to donut tau... best woo donut tuu

ok now forget about gdragon.. i have found a better song

Toy-box - superstar

♫i am a superstar with a big big house and a big big car
i am a superstar and i dont care who you are♫

this song is also nice
supercell-kimi no shiranai monogatari

aiyoyo.. i'm song crazed right now.. theres like a 100 songs that i feel like putting..
i should stop here before this post is flooded with videos

i'll talk about penang and what happed later...
rasa mcmc nk layan lagu jek.. xnak buat pape dah