Wednesday, December 2, 2009 @ 5:50 AM  0 stares
why am i online??

here's the story.. my aunty got wifi at her house.. my dad asked for her access code and

well isn't it obvious already?.. i got online!! YAY

first of all i want to say my raya is.. So So... not so good yet not so bad..

i heard from a friend of my that my school's results are out.. oh my.. i wonder what i got..

so anyway.. have you notice? my blog's new layout!! YAY

i got it from, where else..! but it took a while to customize.. well i didnt do anything really just add avatar and emoticon

but then i accidently deleted everything i edit.. T.T ..

so after doing the T.T dance
( i didnt really do it but you know what i mean)..
i got back on my feet.. well my hands and recover everything! the playlist took a while tho

did you know imeem only preivew their songs and if we want to hear the full version we have to go to their site.. so stingy..

so i decided to go with! YAY ( my 3rd yay for the post)

so after all this exictment..
its now subuh the next day.

the day i'm supposed to meet my best friend but it got postponed until friday!! huhu .. its okay .. i dont mind because my dad also got some work so i have to borrow someone's car if i have to go today.. so friday is good.. i'm sorry if i trouble you much wahai syamimi

i think my english has gotten worse.. i have to keep posting in english from now on!

theres alot more i want to add to the navigation (the side bar i mean) like add avatars of korean singers like my best friend's blog but i wayy to tired right now.. my back is hurt and i need a lot of time to find good one but i also choose the wrong ones..

well thats is from me for now.. cyaaa~!!

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