Wednesday, December 9, 2009 @ 5:28 AM  3 stares

WAIT!! Dont Misunderstand!!!!

i dont think that much into the future... well not so much..

i didnt have the time to imagine about my ideal type of boyfriend....

wait! i dont have to do that.. i already have nichkhun and inoo kei! hahaha

whatever.. so to my future husband.. i'm sorry.. today i ate a lot.. haha

Well actually today in my post, i am talking about my future..
but not with a husband and babies and all that.. its a little too early TOO FREAKY to be talking about at my precious teenage years

Its actually My future career.. my future job, my future occupation..

well i'm sick of talking about that because i'm too young to work, but our counselor FORCED us to think about our future and what we want to be and put it in all in a stupid Wonderful Folio... suteki! suteki!

What field did i choose?
so i will become a

it something likee a doctor that specialize in skin
enough with explaining .. the important thing is ...


Yay.. that's 1 out of 100 .. haha .. but its okay because i believe in magic!
somehow.. that 1 homework will magically finish the others!

you're still wondering why my tittle is as shown above?
the husband thing?
chill ..dont worry... its a song!

well cya....
i need to sleep before my father wakes up for his work

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