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okay this is not the full story of my life..
i'll leave that for someone in the future to write my biography for me.. haha

this is the full story of.. my... jpj test?.. noo... i'll write that one when the P license is in my hand
of my tesl interview.. i know it is not as big a the JPA interview of MARA interview but still..

so my interview was on 16 April 2011 at UITM Machang.. block D? not sure

on my way there i was reading the newspaper.. okay maybe just the education section which had only one page..  so i read everything else.. like the first lazarus phenomenon in Malaysia... cool huh?
it made me want to become a doctor just so that i can make something like that happen!! .. but NO Nina...tesl tesl tesl..

so anyway.. i had kak wok rice for breakfast.. opps.. this is before i got in the car.. am i going backwards? haha

1:30 o'clock I arrived! ..i walked across the hall to take a look at the notice board.. and all eyes were on me... god? maybe because i'm not wearing pastel colour? maybe its because i'm wearing heels?.. stop looking!!

2:00 o'clock I saw my elementary school classmate.. wow....but i didn't think he would notice me.. so i just walk on by.. it turns out that he was previously my parent's student!... such a small world..  and he did remember me.. well that was awkward.. haha

3:00 o'clock.. they finally called.. we all had to sit in a class.. and sit there.. and sit there.. for half an hour before the writing test actually started..  it had reading comprehension question.. about desertification.. there were a lot of words i didn't know because most of them were some kind of scientific term that we dont use everyday unless we learn about them.. but luckily they were just there to confuse us.. there were no use what so ever....haha.. so section b there were essay writing.. about "THE BENEFITS OF FACEBOOK".. its my food i tell you.. so i ate it all up! hahaha..

after that i stopped looking at the time.. i went to the toilet and touched up my tudung because my tudung always gets out of place after i take exams.. haha so after that i grab a bite to eat and wait in front of my panel room.. and wait and wait and wait..

i met the girl i met on facebook that was also having her interview there.. but she looked soo confident i didn't dare to talk to her.. i was intimidated i tell you.. she was in the debate team for her MRSM.. she was speaking in english most of the time... so i just sit there and shut up before i make a fool out of myself in front of her..

instead, i talked to everybody else...she was kinda snobby.. i was the complete opposite (angkal bakul sendiri jap)..and by the way she didn't look anything like she did on facebook.. i thought she was...errmmm takyah ah sebut... jahat ah.. just remember this : don't believe everything you see on facebook..
don't even believe in MY pictures... hahahah

so i waited until 7o'clock till i get my turn (yg aku duk tgk orang semua tu takyah cita ah).. here it goes

the person before me came out.. and she nodded indicating its my turn.. when i get in front of the door and was about to knock.. my watch fell off...

and the mak cik sitting next to the door scolded me "masuk masuk laaa... ore lain nok masuk pulok"..
and i was so nervous i only smiled..

but in my head i was like " gapo mak cik ni.. jam tercabut saba gak dulu.. tahu la tnggu lamo doh sy pon tnggu lamo doh.. rilek2 gak.. interview ni penting untk mso depe sy tahu dok mok cik..tgk ni sayo kalut doh nk pakai jam balik rilek la.. doh la beg ambo ni besa nok letok mano tok tahu jap agi.. file ni plop nk tjatuh nge sampul2 nyo.. "

so ignoring the mak cik.. hahaha.. i knocked on the door and then one of the pannel was walking towards the door.. what i was suppose to do?.. the panel (panel 1) nodded and asked me to come in.. i gave my file to the other panel lets call her panel 2.. she was smiling!! so sweet ...and she asked me to sit while looking at the documents i gave to her..

panel 1 comes back in.. and asked "how are you?".. and i was blank for a second but i keep on smiling and nodded .. aiyoo ninaaaaa... and then i replied slowly.. "fine tengkiu"

panel 1 : you look sweet today.. i like that colour
nina: thank you.. its my favourite colour (saja ja igt nk jdi friendly sket)
panel 1 : oh really?.. what colour is that ? blue?
nina: something like aqua (ekkk wrong nina)...
panel 1 :  aqua.. i dont think that's aqua..
nina : (aiyoo).. blue blue..something like greenish blue?.. turquoise (turtoise btol la ang nina)
panel 1: yeahh i think that turqoise.. you said that it was your favourite colour right? (kantoiiii)
nina : (adehhh...) yeahh heeee

tanyang muka jap.. hahaha

panel 1: so tell us about yourself
nina : i'm norfarahninabtomar
panel 1 : sorry? what was that
nina : my name is noooor faaaraah ninaaa bt omaar and i'm from kota bharu kelantan
i got my early edu at bla bla bla which where most of the teachers spoke in english .. thats when my love for english genuinely start to grow.. my mother also read me bed time stories which made me love english even more..so i really really really love english..  my essays are always the best in my class and... aaaa
panel 1 : hahaha. .now you're really trying to sell your self
nina : heee ( tak abih cita lagi nii)

panel 1 : so farah are you well prepared for this interview
nina : i think i am (konfident lagi la nina)

panel 1 : yes you sure look like you are.. so what current event do you know

nina: education?.. well i read about ppsmi.. where the gov is reconsidering dual medium to teach scince and maths and i think its a good idea because people who want to use english can do so and those who want to use malay can go back to learning them in malay.. but i think that the government should really plan it out carefully even if it takes 5 or 10 years so that  the students wont be confused and  ..aa (x abih ckp lagi)

panel 1: and how do you think this effects the students in rural areas

nina : (rural? ... bukan sebutan dia raarel.. smalam check dia sebut raarel..ape nk sebut nih )
i think the students in the raarel.. eh.. rural area are having a really hard time learning in english because my friend in sarawak said that the teachers that are teaching english doesn't  (ek sekat2 sampai aku pn x igt ape aku ckp..xpe cover balik) but i think that if with the dual medium they can choose to use malay to learn that subject while people in the city can still use english if they want to

panel 1 : nods nods... farah you don't sound like a kelantanese.. are you a kelantanese
nina: actually i was born in penang.. grow up in kelantan.. went to mrsm blabla kedah.. i also studied at smk zainab 1 here in kelantan and smk tungku suleiman perlis.. so i've been all over the WORLD

panel 1 : nods
panel 2: WORLD?
nina: eh.. no..  all over malaysia.. i'm sorry..
panel 1 and 2 laughs
panel 1 : have you been overseas?
nina : no but i do wish to go overseas to study or work..
panel 1: ok tengkiu
nina : tengkiu for your time

so from that .. let me tell you something that you might not get from the above dialogue ..
i  actually FELT my voice shaking.. i feel like doing EHEM! but i can't.. arrrgghhh
i looked away a few times.. luckily they were still looking at me when reminded myself  about eye contact..
and i manage to get the attention of both panel ..
unlike some of them when i was peeking earlier .. the panels were not looking at him..they were turning the papers..

so do you think i'll get it??...
you know what, don't answer that..
lets just wait for the result in may..