Thursday, November 17, 2011 @ 2:30 AM  0 stares

wahhh... i'm really happy seeing my dashboard filled with updates~... 
i guess everyone's in the "posting" mode
keep it upp!! i love all of your posts..
 i wont be following your blogs if i dont like it in the first place!
(cakap mcm diorg bace je bende ni)

when i was looking through my dashboard i saw "from head to toe" blog updated top 5 perfumes..

first thing that came to my mind was

i smelled it like a few years ago the smell is stuck in my mind..
it smelled sweet but still sniffs "mature"...
sophisticated but still cute ..
i have no idea how to describe it!...but i'm sure you can see how awesome it is until i can remember it till this very day

so i clicked on the blog post and found paris hilton is on that list~!

others on the list are mostly what i'm already familiar with.. and in a nutshell paris hilton perfume is the besst!

i'm thinking to buy myself one of that perfume.. so i googled the price

well what do you know....the price is almost 200 ringgit..well, very reasonable right?.well sort of!
the smell is really something that you wouldn't mind spending 200 ringgit for it! i'm serious!

but then.. i remembered one thing : i also need to replace my missing broadband usb modem which also cost almost 200 ringgit

there goes my dream of rewarding myself with that perfume...instead i have to be punished ..spending that money on usb modem that shouldn't even be missing in the first place... way to go nina! 

okay i have to sleep now..