Tuesday, November 13, 2012 @ 6:57 AM  0 stares
Assalamualaikum and hi~ 
a very very good in the early early morning i bid to all~

you know how people always say 
"everything happen for a reason"

or in malay 
"rilek ahh..ade hikmah la tuu"

the simple reasoning to everything in our life..
but at that particular moment :

have you ever lose faith?

did you feel disappointed?

did you question : WHY WHY WHY!?
you didn't do anything wrong
you tried your best
you feel like you've been good enough
you feel like you're pretty enough
you feel like you prayed hard enoguh
but still..why??

now...that simple reasoning isn't that easy to grasp isn't it?

only after GOD shows you "why" will you understand
and will you be extremely thankful

so thank you Allah
for giving me what i really need instead of what i want but don't really need
Alhamdulillah :)

now i know why i didn't get chosen for kawad
now i know why you put the people around me in my life
now i know why you put me where i am
now i know why you give me what i have
now i know why you put me through what i've been through

well ..not really.. 
i don't know exactly WHY...
i believe God's the reason WHY continuously continue as my life proceeds
 but i catch glimpses that everything that you have given me is for the best..

Everthing that He has given me
are things within my range
things that i can handle
things that will teach me 
and change me into a better person

so Alhamdulillah
if i could add the word very and sangat to the word alhamdulillah...
i definitely would
but i don't think that's appropriate..