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syok jugak tulis blog dlm bm.. tapi camne nk pratice english plak kan?

meh.. lets get to the important thing!

i think you can already guess who's the "he" i'm talking about
but right now its a little freaky that i know his student number( nombor pelajar)
ahh who cares! i only get to do this freaky stuff for another few days .. after that, all i can do is go and study my brains out!

if you're wondering how i got his phone number, adress and student number..
here's the answer : i didnt ask him.. i didnt ask my friend to ask him.. i didnt take a look at his note book or anything.. i got it dengan jalan yang halal!..but still, i didnt buy it

talking about him.. i had a wonderful dream last night..
really wonderful.. i was doing something when i got a messege saying
"ill be there shortly"

i didnt know who is it from..
but i run run run run run to my house
my house wasnt really my house.. it was some other house that i keep having dreams of
that house is really pretty.. it has a beautiful garden..the scenery was awesome!

when i almost reach my house... theres a cool looking sports-car.. and then..
he came out from that car.. he was wearing a white jacket!..
his eyes~ wahhhhh
and his hair~ fuhh
he is just perfect (just like the meaning for his name n_n)..
its like looking at a dreamy characther in a manga..

he was holding a bouque of red roses..

when i saw him.. i dont know why on earth did i climbed up a very short tembok - like place..
maybe i was trying to get to him faster..
but then i fell
and everything became black!

wahhh i dont want this dream to end.. please dont wake up! ..
continue continue

and for the first time in my life! my dream did as i say and continue!!!

after i fell i decide to just walk like a normal human instead of being like a monkey..

and then i went to him and ask
"what are you doing here?"

and then he replied
"i'm here to see your little sister"

nape plak adik masuk bab nih?
dier kenal pon x ngan adik

maybe its because of a rumour that he likes a form 1 student last year..
maybe thats why i dream him saying that

hahah it doesnt matter..
as long as i know he can pull off wearing white jacket
unlike some people who doesnt look good wearing white jacket

and i forgot to see what was i wearing.. he stole the whole dream!..

haha i'm going crazy talking about him..
i still have homework to do..

i dont know how am i going to survive this tuesday..
i'm clueless at my current school
i dont know how much more of this stuggle i can take
add math? chemistry? bio?
f(x) = 43543.. something to do with chemicals .. make sure to draw the cell without parting the line
bla bla bla

hmm back to the important thing that we were talking about

i think the thing i'm doing.. .finding out his ic, address, student number & phone number is A LITTLE weird..something like a stalker?.. but theres someone out there is worse then i am..not worse but more stupid.. theres this kid at my school.. she likes a guy in my class soo much that she acts foolishly.. like looking at him all the time.. being all gedik2..its too seems desprate in a bad way..(of crouse..theres no good desprate)

as for me .. i controll my feelings and wait until i get back home to be gedik my blog.. if i were to talk about this with my parents they would say something like " we send you to school to study.. not to stalk boys" and "no more computer for you nina!"

gosh i hope no one finds out my blog!..
especially him... my life would be over before it even get to its climax

thats all for now.. i'm really tired... yesterday i fell asleep and forgot to logout
i also have alot of homework to do..
so ittekimassu~

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