Thursday, April 21, 2011 @ 2:41 AM  2 stares

you know something?.. i love being bored
instead of studying.. i love being bored
instead of doing chores.. i love being bored
instead of exercising .. i love being bored
other than eating.. i love being bored
i love the feeling of nothing to do instead of something to do
is that how it feels like when we're in heaven?
no responsibilities.. just sit there and enjoy the moment as it goes by..

being a kid.. it was fun when we're like 7 years and below
when you're older.. you need to start worrying about your grades
after spm.. you need to worry where you'll go and what you'll do for the rest of you life
after you get into a university.. you need to strive to survive
after that.. you need to find a job, a place to stay, food, and soulmate?
after that you need to strive to keep your job, place to say, food and soulmate
and then.. you need to raise your kids..
and start all over again by worrying for your children's sake

and if you're the real life version of harry potter..  
you got voldermort breathing down your neck for the rest of your life! 

so i'm going to enjoy my worry-free holiday where i don't need to worry about a thing

but i do have things on my head that i feel like writing about

its about a friend of mine... she have this boyfriend..
who's wayy much older than her... like 7 years?

that guy looks like her father i tell you
but you know what.. she's okay with that
she had this handsome guy head over heels for her
but still she still wants that old dude

that old dude is an accountant
and he sponsors a number for her where he pays all of the bill
he bought a dress for her for a special event at my school
he made her a custom made mug and a special pen with engravings on them
he custom made a couple necklace
but he's OLD and his not handsome at all

he's always commenting the her facebook wall and photos

if i have a boyfriend like that i would feel yelling
"BACK OFF!.. please let me breathe! not disturb my wall conversation with my friends.."
i dont mind when its my siblings... they're practically the other side of me

anyway..lets get back to my friend...

as for the handsome guy.. well he's handsome
and he cares for her with all of his heart
and he looks like he has a bright future ahead of him
and he's the same age as her

i guess when you really understand the real meaning of love
you choose the ugly over the handsome

i wish i can make that conclusion

its not the same for the other person i know..
again this girl has 2 guys in her life..

bachelor number 1
he's handsome
he's not that rich
he's romantic but in his own way
he's handsome

bachelor number 2
 he's not handsome
but stinking rich i tell you
he buys almost every single thing she laid her eyes on
he's the kind of  romantic that you'll see in movies
but he's not handsome

and which one did she choose?
the handsome but not rich one..
she said " its not because his handsome.. its the way he's attitude that always surprises me"

but this proofs that love is not the presents the guy buys for the girl
or his looks or his style
its something else i just wont understand right now

may both of them make the best choice that they can

as for me?.. i ate another bowl of meggi just now! hahaha
the one i ate earlier was meggi goreng indon
just now i ate meggi ruski tomyam..
and i ate a piece of chicken..okay maybe almost 3
and then i ate kit kat + milk!

why am i eating soo much in one day?
nope i'm not hungry..
i'm was just simply bored..