Wednesday, August 3, 2011 @ 2:00 PM  3 stares
i have no idea why i was so sleepy in class today.. madam tought as usual..
infact i was sitting right in front of her..

suddenly i heard the madam said : " WHAT'S YOUR NAME?"

i was suprised and woke up..... my heart raced, and i was thinking "alamaaaak"
i thought she was talking to turns out that she was just making an example.. wahh!!

other than that my classmate say i wear too much compact powder... waaaa :(... its not my fault!.. well it is.. but i'm not going to risk getting sunburn.. if you want to, then go ahead.. i'll wear 100 layers of compact powder if i have to!

if you are exposed to too much sun everyday until one day you realized you got sunburned, you may never be able to have your old skin again (before it was sunburned).. so i am not willing to risk that! :(
how bout you?