Saturday, September 17, 2011 @ 2:48 AM  1 stares
anxiety? never heard of it?.. well look it up! haha.. just kidding.. it means, feeling nervous.. a.k.a "nalling"

to tell you the truth, i have never heard that word before until i went for my driving test
a new friend asked me "tok naling ko?"
i had no idea what she meant.. so i said "dok pon.."
she must think i'm the kind of girl that have no manners and very proud of herself
yes i'm proud of myself.. but not to that extent! hahaha
after hearing the word a few times, the wheels in my brain start to turn and i finally got it!! haha

so back to my topic.. anxiety... there are a few ways that i handle anxiety...
no .. that not right... let me rephrase that!...
there are a few ways that show i'm nervous about something...

  1. i start to watch dramas/movie :
everytime before a huge "thing" i automatically turn on the televesion or watch something online... this happened a few times....

the first time i realised i had this problem was the day before my tesl interview.. i turned onn sbs one and started watching HEROES (the one with korean female idols) at 3 am when i'm supposed to be up early the next day..

next was a few months ago the night before a big test... reading or something?.. i started watching 49 days..

and then during the fasting month was even worst, i watched we got married yonghwa and seohyun all in one night!...

today is no different.. when i'm supposed to study for my final examination, i watched season change , a siamese movie ...its cute but i don't recommend it!.. let me tell you a little about it!

its cute but it sucks~! the guy is such a jerk but the girl is cute~
the girl that the main guy likes originally is not as cute as the main girl..
that guy seriously need to get himself a pair of glasses
and that guy is an anak derhaka i tell you!!
hahaha (over la pulak)
but it was just a movie...the end..
don't watch it!

2. i start to entertain every message that comes my way..
my sisters.. my cousins...thats normal.. but when i start to entertain anonymous messages.. its just a little too creepy..

3.loss of appetite...
my stomach seriously cannot accept anything

first was during our spm examination.. i feel like puking everything
next.. during the spm result.. i lost a few kilos i think
latest?... right now.. my mouth feel like chewing but my stomach just cannot accept.. i think i havent digested my nasi lemak from breakfast yet

4.get sick
every examination year... (+spm trial) i get sick on the day before the exam and the 5th day of the exam... and now.. i am not feeling so well... i'll take my medicine after this..

5.update blog/status and so on
do i need to explain?..

6. feel like giving up!!
but still i have to go through this...
 alang2 menyeluk perkasam biarlah ke pangkal lengan..
 alang2 nk demam biarlah 4flat dlm tgn! yeahhh!!

i think i need some rest now before i really get sick..
i'll start tomorrow with the thought

"i have done everything on my anxiety list so i have nothing else to do other than study"
note to self: the songs in the mp3 and in the laptop are getting boring.. get new ones!.. somehow.

p/s: i know that there are a lot of grammatical errors. please excuse them (and me for writing them)..i'm to tired to edit it again and again..the touch pad always move my :insertion point else where everytime i accidentally touch it!