Thursday, October 6, 2011 @ 2:44 AM  2 stares

there are a few "sacred rituals" that i do if i suddenly recieve messages/ chatbox pop up from boys

1. i would check if its a full moon..

call me crazy.. but boys tend to get a little "gatal" during full moon...

2. i would check his fb wall if he just broke up

and yeah.. if its not full moon... he just broke up and looking for a rebound girl

3. i would check his fb wall to see how many other firls he's been flirting with

sometimes, that stinking species just like to flirt and make fun of the female species.. if the people he had been interacting with on his fb are the ones yg tak bejenis.. mmg dier pn xbleh pakai~

4. i would take a look at his pictures

from that i can their "specialties"..they look good but repel girls in a way or two...
so technically all the pretty ones wont event look at them..
therefore they go for the "friendly" ones like me~.. no way jose!!

and theres also pictures that shows that he's probably from an all boys school or currently taking an "all boys course" in a university...

why do i do this sacred rituals?
the answer is simple

but thats okay because

hungry at 2:42 AM..
what should i doooo!!!

and just so you know.. i was just about to start "studying " for my muet...
but somehow.. i end up writing this post.. hahaha