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i believe i can fly..
but not with out wings

even if i want to go overseas.. i still have to fly using the wings of the aeroplane
so logically, you cannot fly without wings...


overseas overseas overseas..
other than the wings of the aeroplane...
 i would need band 6 in muet as a part of my wings to help me fly~~~~!

the problem is.. how on earth am i supposed to study for my speaking test?
answering all of the questions in the muet book?
fine, i'll do that...will it help tough ?.. the questions can be just about anything

what else? remember to give a proper introduction.. 3 points and proper elaboration and a conclusion
basically i have to make a well structured thesis in 2 minutes and present it on the spot
thank you , thats all from me

next section...
i agree with candidate X  because... i'm sorry but i dont think i agree with you and so on and so forth
 be active.. conclusion...
the end..

another  thing that i believe is...

I seriously believe it now...
yes seriously...

presentinggg... kang so raaa

why?.. she used to weight the same as i used to weight when i was in form 3
(okay i was 3 kg heavier than her)..
now .. look at her!!!!!

if she can loose 20 kg.. i can loose another 10kg

her secret... eat 3 times a day.. only 3 times okay
and do a lot of exercise...
her answer is simple.. because she wanted to became an actress
and now she is!

sooooooo .. i have to work harrrrd!!!
starting from now...

haha this is mostly because i ateee a lotttt today, yesterday, and the day before that...
why do i want to be thinner?.. i have my reasons.. and its all about me me me me me

an episode of strong heart where kang so ra told her story really opened my eye..
and boost my motivation !!

kang so ra.. you're my idol!!

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