Monday, October 17, 2011 @ 1:27 AM  3 stares

my oversea obsession : day 3
haha... i still want to.. obsessed in fact...

there are only a few things that i think about every minute of the day

going overseas
losing weight
staying in a deep slumber

number 1 .. well of course i think about what i want to eat and what should i eat today,tonight,tomorrow, the day after that.. i've also been thinking about the food i want to eat during deepavali (because my siblings will be back home by then.. company always makes food tastes better)

2nd.. well... i keep on thinking about my speaking test performance .. did i do well enough?
how about my final exam?  did i score? will it help me to go overseas?

3rd... well .. (i'm starting every paragraph with the word well...) i've gained some weight.. but not much.. i have to stop doing that and start losing some ...or not i'll become a pumped-pumpkin one month from now...

4th........i just love sleeping.. i love to sleep and the feeling when you're in a deep slumber.. the one where you're not drawing any kind of map.. ( i hate waking up and discover that i'm a genius who can draw a map in my sleep)... the one that is not interrupted by your pets or any kind of water on your face/feet... or waking up because of excessive heat... maybe someone is ironing beside your bed or maybe your father switch off the air conditioner to wake you up...

haha cute huh?.. following up to my obsession, i've been stalking and following blogs
(following up? betul kah penggunaan terma itu)

but not just any blog with pictures of  girls with their photo-shopped n make-up-fied faces
i start to follow blogs of malaysian students overseas... and even those who are working there
or maybe those who just like to travel to places all over the world..
hopefully the can continue to inspire me on my dashboard..

 instead of the kind of blogs with gambar besarr gedabak ngan mascara,eyeliner and eyeshadow penuh yg tiada motif memenuhi dashboard ku

and somehow i started to follow cooking blogs..
and then more cooking blogs
and more about food
and more of them
and more

haha.. then i searched for dieting blogs..
 but after looking at them i feel tense and feel the strong urge to eat
hahaha ...using that as an excuse.... i decided not to follow

some people might think that i'm dieting because i hate my body..
maybe you think so too..

but to me.. i'm not dieting because i hate my body

i'm dieting because i love it!
and i want it to be healthy and fit
i want it to fit into pretty clothes that it deserves!

i'm not going to starve myself
i'm not going to throw up after every meal

i'm going to eat RICE!
i'm going to snack with BREAD
i'm going to enjoy MCDONALS
but in moderate amount
along with MODERATE exercise..
lets live a happy and healthy life!

amacam? cool tak blog post nih.. wahahaha...
motivational giler kan?