Saturday, December 6, 2008 @ 3:32 AM  2 stares
like the tittle say.. i'm too tired to get upset over something "the other side" doesnt really get...or even know about

and i'm too tired to explain what exactly i'm upset about because somehow it didnt make any sense at all..

it was fun being like a snake whose chasing after a frog for a midnight snack to drown her problems..

but i figured.. i might as well push aside all that stuff and just drown my woishhh feeling by not eating...well maybe not as much as i usally does...

lets talk about happy things shall we...

an online friend of my (who has a huuge crush on my twin)... he made a mistake and mistaken me for my twin.. and that earned me another secret.. but it didnt suprise me soo much.. cause of the many secrets i've heard through my online life...that secret is not a big deal.. but still i'm not telling anyone...

i was soo upset about some useless stuff that i forgot to talk about my little sister's birthday..
she got an mp3 from my dad.. and a bag from my mother that she picked out... and another bag (shoe shapped) from me and my sister)...


A happy birthday wish from a guy who she (the little sister) really likes~
am i the best sister on earth or what?
gahh! its almost 4 o'clock??...oh well i can sleep in the car tomorrow.. theres nothing to do then anyway.. if i'm not back online by 12 december... dont forget to remember me because i might be.... so far away~ NOOOOO.. i hope i'm alive~ not the other one! i hope all of my family members can travel savely and have a long happy life~