Monday, February 23, 2009 @ 9:35 AM  2 stares
yo wazzup2... i'm posting like i'm staying home .. well we dont have any homework and its science computer so what else.. computer lab here we come!!!

yesterday (22 february 2009) was .......... 's 16th brithday .. wahhh i miss him soo much! well maybe not as much as i miss my mom.. abang lee dong wook went to the psp yesterday.. god how i regret not following my friend!he was wearing the ldp uniform.. kakoiii!!... (ldp is like a pengawas lah)... he should trade in the songkok for glasses! he look soo hot wearing glasses!

okay other than class won 2nd place in the persembahan while abg lee dong wook's class won 1st place!.. for the explorace (the one where we ate raw egg).. we won first place!! woo hooo~

egg boy said last night .. lets celebrate for the absent of PSP.. muahahahha.. i support him!! hahaha

last night i was talking and laughing and laughing and then someone said "suara itu aurat but then somebody else made really gedik giggling sound its not aurat? hah? .. this is unfair!! i demand a recount !! (x pasal2.. haha)

oklah takat ni jek..sebelum ade org ter-find out blog nih!... thnx for baca walaupon kte dah jarang online.. terharu sgt!!

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